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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men is a book written by John Steinbeck. George and Lennie become migrant workers as the great depression takes effect. The two are great friends and enjoy each other’s company. They spend most of their time talking about their dreams, keeping in mind that their current situation is not the best for them.

George and Lennie start by working at California Ranches in Salinas. They prefer passing through the river before getting to their place of work. The riverbanks provide them with a good environment in which to share their wishes and dreams about owning their own property in the future.

George and Lennie work under one boss, who owns the ranch. Lennie has lots of strength compared to the rest of the people. For this reason, the boss’s son, Curley, develops hatred against Lennie just because Lennie is stronger than him. Even though Curley is jealous of Lennie, he is a reckless man who cares less about his family. He neglects his wife and concentrates on other people’s affairs. Because of being neglected by the husband, Curley’s wife gets used to hanging around in places heavily occupied by men.

Lennie and George’s dream of owning their ranch continues to grow with time. A “swamper”, who seems to be older than the duo, overhears them talking of their dream to own a ranch. The “swamper” seems to have retired from former employment after suffering a hand injury. The “swamper” gets interested in joining the dream by the duo, He offers to add to their account $350 if they allowed him to be part of the plan.

Curley’s hatred towards Lennie continues to grow. At one time, the two engage in a quarrel, and Curley’s hand gets crushed accidentally. Curley loses his wife to Lennie, who accidentally breaks her neck while petting her hair. Realizing the untamable Lennie’s strength, George finds it better to kill Lennie by himself, fearing that the mob will attack him after all. All the dreams are shuttered as the characters get a bad ending.



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