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Ocean’s Eleven Screening Worksheet

Inciting Incident

The most exciting incident of the movie is the robbery of three casino vaults in Los Vegas at the same time.

Call to Action

In the movie Oceans Eleven. Call of action is the point where Rusty and Danny call up the other 8 of their crew for the common purpose of robbing three big casinos in Las Vegas.

Defining Moment

Things start to change when Rust calls Benedict, the owner of a casino, to give him half of the money in the vault; otherwise, they will blow all of the cash in it. When Benedict calls the SWAT team to secure the vault, a watcher of the movie will definitely think something will change here.


The first turning point of the movie is Danny’s meeting with his friend Rusty, who is violating his parole limitations by traveling to California. One can see something fishy gonna happen.

Push to a Breaking point.

The breaking point of the movie is the situation in the movie when the team members come to know that Danny’s ex-wife is Benedict’s girlfriend, who is the owner of a casino in Los Vegas. At this point, Rusty wants Danny to give up the plan of robbery.

Midpoint of Movie

The point where Rusty and other team members find out that Danny’s ex-wife is Benedict’s girlfriend is also considered the midpoint of the movie.

Fall from Grace

Fall from grace is the time when Benedict, the owner of a casino, had to let the van loaded with cash go away because of the claim made by Rusty that he would burn every dime of cash if he did not let the van walk away.

2nd Act Turning point

A second turning point of the movie comes in when Benedict realizes that the money put into the van is nothing more than just the bags full of flyers.

Transformation Moment

The moment when the power goes out, and the crew does not know that they are loading real money inside the van, is a transformational moment in the movie.


When Benedict realized that all of his money was gone and tried to think how this happened, everything that Danny’s team had worked to achieve, they made a duplicate of a vault, all those surveillance, recordings and at the end, everyone took their share and went away different parts. After being done with the parole, Danny and Rusty met again at the same spot where they met first.


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