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Me as a CEO of a company Essay

The company is going towards the downside and sales/profits of the company are being decreased. In this regard, I have been appointed as a CEO of the company and my tasks are to get the company up and running in sales and profit. For this task, I will first hire a new sales team which is going to be trained for the skills to produce results in the market. After hiring the sales team, I will make a SWOT analysis for the company to get knowledge that what external and internal factors lead to the dismissal of the company. Strengths and weaknesses of the company are going to be analyzed, and appropriate threats and challenges will be overcome by this study. then, there will be a detail about the environmental affects on the company and how to overcome it. Enlisting the marketing mix strategy will be analyzed for the company too.

After making this plan, proper steps will be made that what led to the dismissal of the company and how it can be resolved. Marketing mix strategy for the company is the 4 Ps of the company, which helps to identify the core competencies of the company and tries to make positive changes in the processes. The SWOT analysis are also done because it can identify the required tasks to keep the company on track. By doing SWOT, will help the company to make findings of the areas which caused the problem and lead to the downfall of the company.

These analysis can help the company to get back on track and provide the potential to make the sales and profit for the company. It is vital for every company that, it makes plans which are benefical for the company and in such a situation where the directors are demanding results from them. It is mostly recommended for the company to create steps which prevents them from doing future mistakes.




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