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Obesity, a Health Problem Essay

Obesity is a big health-related problem that is explained by people’s weight that used to be found only in high-income countries. But in this modern life, it is found all around the world, especially in low-income and developing countries. People who are obese are usually overweight and don’t get encouragement from their friends and family to do physical activities such as exercise, jogging, riding bikes, and playing sports. The statistics show that 58.6 % of people in the United States are badly caught in the evil hands of obesity (Health, US News). Out of 58.6 % of people, 32.8 % are United States adults while 25.8 % are children, so it’s 13 % more than the statistics carried out in 2010 (Health, US News). Americans should reduce the routine eating of fast food because the fast food diet generates expensive health issues, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, and obesity. People tend to think that obesity is not a problem, they think if they feel fit and be under a good weight scale then they are safe from the hands of obesity. But they may be misinformed because they may not be obese then, but many become obese in the future, obesity can sometimes come from parents. If their parents are obese then their genes of obesity can move to their kids or even their grandchildren.
Obesity is not a health problem like a common cold or fever where people can just take a pill or a few drops of liquid medicine for a few days and get away with it. Obesity can lead to health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, and cancer (What are the Health Risk of Overweight and Obesity?). In coronary heart disease, cholesterol, calcium, and other fats build up to form plaque in veins that leads to the heart (Heart Disease Pictures Slideshow). It causes the blood vessels to narrow down and eventually leads to slow blood flow to the heart (Coronary Heart Disease). High blood pressure is another problem related to obesity, it happens when there is lot of pressure against the vein and it causes lack of oxygen to organs in the whole body that needs oxygen. Then as the list follow next comes the strokes, strokes happen when the plague breaks apart and blood clot starts to form. Once it forms nearby your brain then, it stops the blood flow that causes the lack of blood into the brain, and eventually causes a stroke. Obesity is like a stigma in people’s life. People who have obesity problem often gets labeled on them like how animals get whether they are useful or not. This labeling might cause a person who with obese to go into depression. The labeling that the people may get includes that they are lazy, not hard-working, slow, stupid, foolish, and not right for role models. Often times in various different settings this labeling might cause overweight people some trouble. When these obese people go out to look for a job even with a nice presentation of themselves. For instance, they might get rejected for the job because the recruiter will first see the figure of a person’s body and get a bad or wrong impression that the person must be lazy or messy and not a good role model for future employees to follow. Or the overweight person might get a job but he/she would get paid less than other thin employees for the same job because the recruiter thinks that person is suitable for the job but he/she is not as skilled as the recruiter expected. In high school, kids who are often overweight might not get as good treatment as other normal body weight kids do. Sometimes these kids might get harassed or bullied by other kids that think they are perfect. Sometimes this kid may not get equal opportunities as another normal-weight student because their teacher might think that since the student is fat, he/she must be very lazy. So there is no need to ask questions to these students and it would be waste of time to discuss with lazy students.
Since there are a lot of problems related to obesity so there must be solutions for it and lead a happy life. Beating obesity is not that hard but not as easy as a person might think. In order to get rid of obesity, people must first come together a take a strong decision to fight against obesity, after all, there is no gain without any pain. Most obese people try to do their best to get a good body shape. Some of them do not, or maybe don’t have the encouragement from who surrounds them. People must first start exercising, then make good and healthy food choices, and share their experiences to fight obesity.
Exercise means taking out some time out of the working schedule for some physical movement that usually ends on a positive note of sweat from all over the body and helps to improve the body. For past decades, ancient Russia’s or advisers and yoga expert recommends exercise as the number one solution for people who wants to lose weight. Nowadays Exercise has become part of most of people’s lives, except for people who believe in dieting instead of exercise that requires some body movement or people that are so lazy even to move their body. They believe if their body weight decreases naturally under normal body weight then they do not need to exercise. Workout is very necessary, they must go ride a bike in the early morning or jog in the garden to get fresh air. They should also go to the gym every day to burn off extra calories and extra fat that they might have gained in the last couple of days that they might have not realized. Moreover, if people ride bikes or jog in the morning then they will feel fresh plus they will be energetic to burn off their calories and fat to get a better life than they had before.
Also, obese people should also eat more vegetables to replace meat, and give up meat that contains a lot of saturated fat, and other junk food that contains saturated fat that is bad for the body. By the way, does anyone know, how much-saturated fat and sodium are just inside the Hot Cheetos? There is 11g of saturated fat and 250 mg of sodium inside the Cheetos (Calories in Flaming Hot Cheetos). This amount of saturated fat and sodium is more than regular intake. People should control their diet, they should cut back oneatingmeal from fast food restaurants such as Mcdonald’s, Taco bell, Burger king, and a lot other restaurants. For example, Mcdonald’s Big Mac contains 540 calories and 29 g of fats in one meal alone (Fast-food-Is it Enemy?). These many calories are almost half of the 1,500-1,800 calories and 50-60 g of fat that is recommended for Americans for one day (Fast-food-Is it Enemy?). After looking at these facts, people should now choose the smart and appropriate option of making healthy and clean food at home, instead of buying food from outside. This way they will become healthier than they were before, and also save some extra money for better and smarter use of it in the future.
Last but not least, if people want more people to join their campaign against obesity then they must spread awareness in form of advertisements, go to each other houses to share theknowledge of obesity, and finally make a foundation to collect funds to do research for solutions for obesity. They must inform other people what is obesity if they don’t know what it is and how it can affect them too later in their life and how to prevent it from happening it to them. In order to spread awareness, advertisements should be like billboards along the side of highways, small clips of obesity between TV shows, social media pages, and last but not least articles on newspapers and online blogging websites where viewers can easily access the awareness.
While this was one solution for one problem related to obesity, the other solution for another problem related to obesity is still yet to come. If society wants to stop the problem related to obesity then they must first change their view of overweight people. In this era, everyone in society from middle school teachers to big professionals like doctors looks at overweight people from the wrong view. They must know that it is sometimes not people’s fault that they are obese, it is sometime in their genes. They should hire people based on the achievements that they have made in their past lives.
In conclusion, obesity is like a stigma in today’s society and it needs to be get cleaned up today by scientists and doctors finding out good medication for solutions to obesity, and also by people to change their view toward obese people. If people make the right food choices and right choices to stay fit then nothing can stop them from fighting obesity.



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