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Nutrition Program and Health Management for any Species

The Supervised Agriculture Experience project that I undertook was to develop a nutritional program and health management for any species. The type of project is both improvement SAE and placement SAE. The research was done on the nearby farms in my neighborhood and I looked at the various feeding programs for the various farm animals and developed the best way in which they could be fed and managed . Furthermore, the plan was to look at how the animals could be managed in terms of their health, given the right vaccinations and medications, and how this can be done efficiently (Jakes). The research and planning of the SAE project took a maximum of two months and was done within the financial limitations of my parents.

The SAE program was undertaken within a few days in a week and time limits were allocated by the school. This was a small project that was undertaken on the farms around the school with the partnering and support of my parents. The project was expected to generate some income which was to be used in the further pursuit of the SAE programs and study so that our project could be implemented(Mervin).
The possible career expectations after undertaking the SAE project are possible accommodation in the Agricultural fields and study areas such as feed store, livestock producer, vet nary, livestock extension specialist, and animal health sales representative among others. In undertaking the study in order to come up with the nutritional program and health management system, the first activity was to make a classification, evaluation, selection, and management of the various animals on the farm based on the differences and similarities in their physiology and anatomy.

This was followed by a clear way of managing the health of animals. Provisions were made for the proper health of animals such as the feeding program, conditions under which the animals sleep in, and other health conditions and programs (Jakes). This was followed by a study to determine the best way to make a prescription and implementation of treatment programs for animals with diseases, parasites, and disorders. This was organized according to the species and the type of health hazard that affects the animals. Furthermore, the provision of bio security for the animals and their production facilities is another major activity that will ensure the health of animals is maintained.
Managing animal nutrition was the next major agenda during the study. In doing so, I first applied principles of animal nutrition that were aimed at ensuring the proper growth, development and reproduction of the animals for the economic productivity to the farmer. Proper feeding rations were formulated according to the nutritional needs of the animals and the schedule was followed accordingly (“Template For Writing An SAE TechNiCal PaPer – Latex Template On Overleaf”). Furthermore, Additives that will enhance the reproduction and production of animals were prescribed and administered accordingly.

The main activities in the study, therefore, involved managing animal nutrition, and health, evaluating and selecting the animals for breeding, proper handling of animals and managing the animal facilities.

The overall experience during the carrying out of the project was positive and very educative. I received massive support from my parents and colleagues and was able to generate some amount of money that I invested in the research. The animal nutrition and health program were successfully developed and all the major parts were put into consideration (William). Further research is still being undertaken on how the program can be improved and made more successful on the farm where the study was undertaken.

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