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Nespresso Coffee Range Analysis

Things should never be forced to happen. While it might be easy to do something, it must all begin from somewhere. You only need to introduce people to the ongoing patterns. These confirm Jean-Marco Duvoisins words. For instance, Starbucks was rapidly expanding in the US in terms of coffee consumption.

This change provided opportunities for others like Jean-Marco Duvoisin. Such opportunities, when well utilized, can lead to massive success. For instance, in 2011, Jean-Marco Duvoisins brand of coffee grew faster representing about 20% of the overall growth as well as attracting millions of people across the world (Brem, A., Mier, M, & Wimschneider, C., 2016).

For a company to excel, there must be a sense of high-quality goods, services, and even machines. The quest for excellence, therefore, formed the basis of Nespresso’s highly demanded brand of coffee. Nespresso is more than coffee. To many, it is a lifestyle. Moreover, it can also be described as a worldwide community of coffee lovers. Consumers are always allowed the opportunity to encounter the brand experience with the main aim of surprising, delighting, and even pleasing the club members.

To attain quality, style, and delight to the customers, the finest green coffee has to be sourced from all over the globe, and then they get blended with different aromas (Reineck, J., Mnning, S., & Von Hagen, O.,2012). This calls for a stylish machine that is easy to use. It also calls for an exclusive relationship with the consumers at various levels. For instance, being present at exclusive events brings to life the best coffee moments enjoyed by coffee lovers. Another level is the Nespresso Grand Cru Coffees. A wide range of Grand Cru Coffees has been composed by experts with distinct aromas and flavors to take care of individual preferences. The last level is the finest green coffees and deep coffee expertise. 23 Grand Cru Coffees are included in Nespresso’s full range of coffee for enjoyment at home. At leisure or work, 11 Grand Cru Coffees of different tastes and intensities are also offered. However, the latest innovation offers a range of 14 grand crus for enjoyment at home. Nespresso capsules have even made it easier for coffee lovers worldwide. Finally, the Les collections have further simplified things. It has enriched every Nespresso-tasting moment.


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