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Myths and Stereotype Essay

No nation on this planet has ever been subjected to the ethnic stereotype, but the American Indians have been subjected to the suffering from it, and they may even be suffering more than the other people. Stereotypes and myths can harm both the victims and the people who perpetuate them in society. The victims suffer from emotional distress, insecurity, anger, frustration and also a feeling of hopelessness in them. Many of American Indian children, who are exposed to the mainstream of the stereotype at an early age, always have low self-esteem which leads to other problems that the American Indians are facing. Stereotype leads to discrimination when its assumed that he/ she is prone to violence and also alcoholism limits job vacancy. These make them be viewed as unstable economically hence making it difficult to for them to succeed and enjoy the benefits like the non-Indians, e.g., obtaining credits, etc.

Dispelling of the myths and stereotypes in society has a greater benefit both to the community and to the specific individuals. Some of the benefits include: it is essential in the strengthen the collaboration in the working relationships with the indigenous community. Dispelling of the myth also reflects on the way privileges and stereotypes create impact to the relationships and work. Lastly, dispelling of stereotype and myths will help in instilling anti-oppressive, decolonizing methods and ideologies in our lives and workplaces.

In life, there are many stereotypes, and I was once a victim. I was climbing a mango tree in our compound when I slipped and fell off. I lost consciousness, and when I opened my eyes, I found myself in the hospital, my legs wholly bandaged. Everyone deserted me apart from my mother, who sat there weeping all through since the doctor told her that there were high chances I would be a cripple. I was lonely and no one to talk to apart from my mother. From that moment, I realized that stereotypes and myths are a greater challenge to society.



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