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Mystical Experiences

A mystical experience is a unique experience that connects individuals to the reality of spiritual or religious experiences that can never be felt before. Mystical experience helps one to get rid of limited thinking of reality and connect to the truth of life or spirituality. A mystical experience can happen anytime.

For instance, worship, prayers, and medications take one to the spiritual world, where everything is different from the real world. Such experiences bring peace and joy to individuals who experience them. Let’s consider an example if you are left in a room saying that there is a huge snake hidden in the room. In reality, there is just no snake but a rope that you consider a snake. The room is dark. One must be scared and terrified under such conditions since he cannot see anything and presumes that there is a big snake inside the room, too. Suddenly, a flash of light illuminates the room for seconds. This flash of light helps the individual to see the rope that he assumed was a snake. This flash of light, no matter if it happened for a second, is a mystical experience. The flash of light helps the individual to see the truth and to get rid of his limited thinking and mentality. That’s how mystical experiences are. They help individuals to see the truth and to be relieved of their worries and fears.

There are several characteristics of mythical experiences. Mystical experiences disconnect from the real world and take the individual to another world that is full of bliss and joy. Mystical experiences are temporary and occur for a short period. The sense of time and space disappears in mystical experience. The individual can connect to the things around him. Objectivity loses its importance.

I had a mystical experience once in my life, particularly when I prepared myself to fast. Fasting is a common practice in some religions that serve various purposes. Fasting helps people know the worries of poor people. It helps people to connect to god. It gives individuals the opportunity to pray and worship and to thank and value the blessings of God. I prepared for fasting one day to experience the bliss of god and to value his blessings. I ate early in the morning at about five, and I decided not to eat anything till 7 in the evening. During that period, I was able to connect to God and his people. Getting rid of food helped me realize what I am blessed with. I could value every single thing around me. Fasting connected me with god. I worshiped and prayed in an empty state. It connected me to another world of peace and helped eliminate worldly desires and worries. I was in a liminality stage when I was fasting. I experienced the transition from the real to the spiritual world. This changed for me for a while. I could feel spirituality and god. Fasting helped me learn a lot. I was able to connect to the higher reality. I had the opportunity to get rid of worldly matters and to see the reality and purpose of life. I valued humanity. I could experience the suffering of human beings on earth. Thus, fasting gave me the opportunity to connect with God and to disconnect from worldly matters for the time being. This was a unique yet fascinating experience for me.

Mystical experiences are unique yet help individuals to break or cross the boundaries of reality and to connect with higher reality where everything is beautiful, joyful, and blissful.



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