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My Passion Essay

My passion is reading. The desire and love for reading entrenched me while I was three years old barely a year before I joined a nursery school. I loved watching my elder brother read. According to me, I felt that he was enjoying himself through reading since he kept smiling and making loud laughter. He occasionally challenged me with some words to read. I really felt elated and had a burning desire to even read more.
When I joined nursery school the desire even intensified. My parents and my teachers realized the potential I had. They got very happy about it and promised to support me. They bought me story books to enhance my reading skills. In return, I appreciated their effort and enlightenment about the precious values wrapped in the reading habit. I became hopeful of life. My intellect grew with addition of knowledge. The desire for a healthy reading increased as I could read anything else fancy to me.

At the primary school level, I started to cultivate an extensive reading culture. I not only read my school books but also started to read the story books published in different languages and any other material that caught my attention. As time elapsed, I started to limit myself to that which I read. I became selective and started only to read literature books, read about the world documentaries and newspapers included. The level at which my knowledge and understanding kept improving was amazing. I started to learn about possible theories behind the existence of the universe and creatures within it. I kept enriching my soul with happiness as I could learn new things day in day out. This time again I still enjoyed the amazing and promising support from my parents, brother as well as my teachers.

From my childhood I knew whom I wanted to be and the manner with which I would love to be brought up. I wanted to age full of knowledge, having the right morals and a sense of understanding in every aspects of life. Basically the intensive reading I employed was not just for academic prosperity neither was it to please my parents but to bring up an individual of great personality and respect. For instance, the perception most students have is reading to pass exams. This was a completely different scenario for me. I read to get everything right. Analyzed every content to inner depth to understand and see that which cannot be literally seen. I tried to relate every word and statement to the present day life.

Giving up on my passion was something I never dreamt of. At some point in my education journey, one of my teachers approached me with a plan to change my mind and instead focus on my academic work. I could not imagine his advice but again, I needed to make good use of the academic opportunity. As if his advice was a marking point for prosperity, I strived even harder to live according to my expectations. I ignored everything he told me and focused alone on the passion. Luckily enough, my family members were all happy about my passion and they understood my attitude towards life.

When I joined college I had developed into a responsible person. Someone rational and ready to tackle life. Anything I spoke and did was exemplary and everyone was happy about me. To further my passion, I realized that there were many avenues I could potentially exploit to realize my dream. I decided to attend several national theatres where I gained different skills from the live shows performed.

Because I was much interested in the shows, I noticed my talent. It was much more related to my passion. I rehearsed several set books and occasionally got a chance to perform to the students. The reading culture became more engrossed in me. I got the right mastery of every set book I came across. At this level I became choosy. I knew whom to have a good rapport with and those to avoid. My conscience was right with great people. I met new friends with the same mind set. These were people who meant and still mean good for me. Through their guidance and encouragements, I have been able to improve not only on my academics but also on passion.

As at today, I must acknowledge that I have gained enormous sense of reasoning. I understand my rights, am able to differentiate between good and bad, doing right and wrong. I have been able to understand the nature of this world. I have a rightful mind enough to discuss nearly everything affecting lives of our people and generate possible solutions to these problems.

Reading to me is enjoyable even today. Becoming a veteran in any given sector requires dedication and a self-respect choosing rightful friends and knowing your destination. Ideally, it is crucial reading wide range of books not just reading for pleasure but to gain the helpful content and relating them to the present happenings. The people around us also play a critical role in our passions. To develop a perfect passion, one must be ready to succeed. This success will forever linger on us as long as we are willing to develop our passion. The personality in me today is because I was focused to succeed and surely I can say that reading is my passion.



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