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When I was growing up I had a lot of dreams. As many children when they are asked what they would like to be when they grow up many would have an endless type of professions. Some would say I would like to be a pilot, doctor, teacher, engineer, nurse, accountant and many more type of careers depending on who is there role model in their all day life experience.

I wasn’t different from them either. I would admire all type of professions in this world. Above all what I admired most was to work in the military. On growing up through my primary education I wanted to be a policeman. I wanted to protect my country and people from their enemies, fraudsters, gangsters and even cattle rustlers which was a major problem when I was growing up.

Fortunately, this started fading away when I entered my secondary level. Things went differently when I did a computer subject in my high school. I came to realise that the future is all about technology. I joined computer club where we would discuss about various innovations through technology and how they would impact positively in our economy.

Upon finishing my high school education and passed very well I joined university to pursue my dream course in Mathematics and computer science. I have learned a lot on how mathematics and computer science relate to each other. Computer has borrowed a lot of Mathematics algorithms to increase its computation power.

I have attended various meet ups about technology involving data science. Not only have read various blog posts about machine learning and data science but also weekly data science magazines. What caught much of my attention was the motivation speech of Jack Ma who is among the top billionaires, entrepreneurs and co- founder of “Alibaba”.

In his speech he mentioned on what the future holds about technology. Among the things he mentioned was about machine learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data which are all components of data science. From this speech I have been working hard studying on this areas to become one of the greatest data scientists which has been my passion since my high school level.

In conclusion, I believe nothing is difficult to achieve. It’s all about hard work and living to your dream. Anything can be achieved at any time depending on how well you are determined and motivated.




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