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My Observation Essay


The following observation represents the type of argumentative conversations we have in our daily life. There are two types of the arguments: deductive and inductive. A deductive argument is based on the validation i.e. true premises must lead to true conclusions. The inductive argument provides enough support (but not proven) to lead the true premises to a true conclusion.

My observation

I went for shopping with my mom to have a dress for the party. Two dresses caught our attention; purple and a green one. The purple had a little bit of embroidery on its borders while the green one was fully embroidered. I wanted a purple dress instead of the green one. But my mom thought that the green one was more suitable for me. It was prettier than the purple one but since I had a lot of green dresses, I wanted to go for the purple one. Mom said that the purple looks simpler and not enough good for the party, but I thought the opposite. The quality of the purple dress was better than the green one as told by the shopkeeper. Also, the purple dress was cheaper than the green one. I went into the dressing room to check both of them, and as I wore the purple dress, it got torn from one of its sides. The premise about the quality of the dress was false. Hence, the purple dress got rejected. I couldn’t even buy the green one due to the mistrust.

The premises were that the quality of the purple dress was better than the green one which turned out to be false and that the purple dress was cheaper. This form of the argument reflects an inductive argument since the premise (quality of the dress) didn’t come out to be true.



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