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My Fair Lady Revisal

In the second scene of the musical ‘My Fair Lady’ which takes place in Henry Higgins’s house, Eliza, a girl who sells flowers on the streets and is considered a lowlife in society, comes with a desire to learn the language of the civilized people, through lessons offered by Higgins (“My Fair Lady” n.p).

However, Higgins and Mrs. Pearce do not take her seriously because of her state of mind and are ready to throw her back into the streets when she offers to pay for her lessons. The Colonel, who seems to have taken a liking to the girl from the previous night’s encounter, defends her and asks Higgins to listen to her. Higgins then offers to transform her from a filthy ‘guttersnipe’ to a respectable woman who can work at a flower shop or a duchess (“My Fair Lady” n.p). Colonel, who now feels responsible for Eliza, enquires her about her understanding of the expectations of learning proper language and gaining high status in society, and he also questions Higgins’s character around women. Higgins, who has now ordered Mrs. Pearce to take Eliza to the bathroom and clean her, confesses that he has no respect for women, and the scene ends as he recites his view and understanding of relations between men and women (“My Fair Lady” n.p). The revisal is of Henry Higgins’ monologue recital and his bad attitude about women.

The Revisal

I am just an ordinary man, living my ordinary life and taking my chance at life,

I live my life free of any peculiar doings, and I do what satisfies my simplicity,

My character is not to be put into question about women and my relations with them,

I respect them, all who have been in my life,

Give a woman a chance in your life, and she will turn around your simple life into a fine experience you never had before,

The woman’s touch is like magic to a wreckage; that was the ordinary life before she appeared.

The dull life now spins around to an exciting experience, and she tasks your tranquil brain into a dynamic adventure filled with life.

The touch on your house, from top to bottom is like a blossoming flower in spring that puts living beings at ease and gives them hope for a better future, her energy and vigor to live, to pull you through any situation is the motivation, that gives a man the desire for more.

Even though she may annoy you at times, her willingness to stay and make life worthwhile is what gives her a golden chance to keep close at heart, to treat her like a queen, and to respect her always.

I am an ordinary man with patience from practice and caring for, courteous manners,

Never insulted a woman, no matter how much on edge she drove me to my better judgment,

I listen to her keenly, understand her when she is frustrated, and guide her towards patience.

Her unpredictability of character is what makes the experience bold, of breaking down the mountains together and moving rocks out of the way together to conquer life and savor all that it has to offer.

Contrary to my quiet life, a life with a woman allows me to unburden and discover hidden failings and fortes in my heart I never knew existed,

With her, I feel the bliss of exploring, discovering, and opening up those hidden parts of my existence that I never let anyone see.

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