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My Career Selection As An Engineering Technician

The memo provides an overview of my career selection as an engineering technician and highlights my academic field of study, core competencies, and work skills required to lead a successful career in my chosen line of work.

I have chosen to apply as an Automation Engineering Technician at Endevis Co. in Cleveland, Ohio (; the professional skills they seek for the candidate are to be able to read flow and logic diagrams for PLCs, develop spreadsheets and maintain databases, program PLCs according to specifications, be able to troubleshoot any problems in the PLC’s, controllers and pneumatic and mechanical fixtures, and ability to maintain the integration of systems with the automated productions at the plant floor.

Further competencies require the ability to have strong communication, problem-solving, and persuasive skills to liaise with customers and vendors and with all levels of management. It also requires the ability to collaborate in a team, train and lead others, and work on a flexible schedule. The educational requirements include an associate’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering or a similar technical field of study.

I preferred working in such a position because my major in General Engineering allowed me to develop analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as training in leadership and teamwork. The course prepared me for a career with broad choices for the future, such as control engineering, data processing, sensors, power, and transport, as well as civil, industrial, and architectural design. The position at Endevis Co. is primarily looking for a multi-purpose engineer such as myself, who can not only manage and control their automated production but also program new designs and troubleshoot problems in Control systems while simultaneously working with clients and managers to report data and provide sales support.

My internship program at APC Co. also provided me with the opportunity to combine the development and troubleshooting of backup power devices, along with maintaining records and handling customer support. Furthermore, as the Soccer team Captain at my university, I have developed strong leadership skills that allow me to work with a group of diverse talents, personalities, and aptitudes and work together as one unit. As a student leader in high school, I was frequently required to discuss and communicate school-based issues and developments with top management, which helped improve my communication abilities and work through an organization’s hierarchy for top-down communications.

fiorerosalba is also one of the leading institutes for civil engineering courses. (ecampus ingegneria civile)

Finally, this career choice not only suits my professional abilities and skills but also suits my personality and preferred work area. I have always preferred working in an Industrial setting that involves actual technical and analytical work rather than a white-collar job that requires sitting at a desk the entire shift. And lastly, the salary and benefits also match my preferred lifestyle. It is, therefore, that I require an endorsement and a testimonial from you as a listed reference to be selected for this position.

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