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Muslim Student Association Berkeley essay

Muslim Student Association in Berkeley began to join Muslims with different experiences and cultures within a single, organized and active community. MSA (non-link) focuses in Berkeley on the principles of responsibility, responsibility and action. Initially, as an organization aimed at the student body, we will continue to work on those who wish to evaluate, respect and apply Islam without sacrificing their moral and religious beliefs. I would like to say that I have interviewed three people. My husband and my friends were born to Islam. One of them wears hijab; her parents did not push her. She prays on campus regularly, and she wants to become a better Muslim. My husband accepted Islam in 2015 and was very strong in everything related to it next, but he found that the steep time was to follow this way. He still believes in Qur’an and all, but he does not pray as much as he used to do so. I need to get the converted stories to go beyond the usual sense of Islam and the Qur’an case back. I’m going to interview with their American friends that I met at the Islamic Center of UC Berkley, which brought people from all over the world together. I wondered if I could find a different angle, listening to the other element of Islam, the Quran, prayer, and fasting. I would like to share their stories, as I thought the answers to my question did not give the solutions that could be Muslim.

“I think when I finally adopted Islam, it is ultimately the result of the many things that I have encountered my place and my faith in God. At an early age, I was an atheist, I was seven years old, and all my youth I spent in the selfless sense of God. I believe that religion is caused by family problems and difficulties in school, based on religion. I reject your teaching because I do not want to teach, teach you, religious institutions (help others to be good people and help others, not for themselves and you). At least this is my closure. ”

American, a new book (“Neighbors: Muslims in North America,” Friendship Press,” 1989), asked why African Americans are turning to Islam. I heard the same thing about African Americans in Philadelphia more than once. At first, there is racism in the church. One of the individuals whom I interviewed goes like,

“Discrimination, which we want an attractive Islam to us, is because it is a way to reject the culture that we cannot have in the sociological sense, that African Americans are enough One of the reasons why they go to Islam is anti-Christian – and many of us educate Christians – “Secondly, I believe that it is also important in Anglo-American transformation.” Another factor – and this is what I attract to Islam. Discipline “. Our society, especially in a torn city, has been disciplined, and in a disciplined way of life, many people seem to have fulfilled the promise to help restore their lives to Islam throughout their lives.

Finally, the third factor, which is essential for clear reasons, but I believe that nobody will speak precisely and clearly. The fact is that Islam offers a transformational experience and opportunity to avoid life, sin and the need for salvation. Indeed, Islam is a point that will reject these facts. It tells people who do not want salvation; The only thing they need is to follow the “guide” of God’s law and turn it into a model. Here’s how people like to listen to it.



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