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Music Festival to raise funds for mentally challenged people


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To: All Staff members

From: XXX, Divisional head

Subject: Music Festival to raise funds for mentally challenged people

Date: April 4, 2018

Mission Statement

Our Company, “The Intellectual Ltd,” aims to provide the best remedy to the individuals who are facing learning disabilities of any type across the country. Our mission is to see the excellent contribution of such individuals in the society.

Our business

We have developed a team of professionals, volunteer staff, and advisors, who are always available to assist people with learning challenges. Our company addresses many learning disorders such as dyslexia ( a disorder regarding reading and comprehension), dyspraxia (difficulty in coordination and movement), dysgraphia(inability to write coherently, Language Processing Disorder (a condition in which one cannot understand what they hear and cannot express that in words), etc. We also provide a friendly environment in our premises as well as outdoor events to facilitate mentally weak people. Our purpose is to create awareness among the people about learning disorders so that, collectively society can help reduce the number of people who are facing such challenges.

Intellectual ltd is holding a music festival to raise funds for the treatment of mentally unhealthy individuals.

The Details of the music festival

-Music Festival to be held on 28th of April, 2018 at 5 pm in a community park, Houston, Texas.

-People of all the age groups especially with learning disabilities will be invited to the event

– A brief lecture on learning disabilities and its current challenges will be delivered by our honorable guest Dr. Joseph T. The lecture will also shed light on the solutions and service being rendered by Intellectual ltd.

– Awards will be given to patients with the learning disability who made improvements

– Light refreshment will be served at the end.



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