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Working Girl Movie Analysis

Working girl is a movie produced in 1988 in which there was a story of the working class women, who were deeply involved in the direct politics against each other. Since the movie was released in the 1980s, there would be many scenes which are presenting old-fashioned stereotype. The movie’s basic theme was to show the women as a successful and a smart than any man in the professional world of business. The company associated and shown in the movie was based on fashion and the time was highly revolutionary with respect to the implementation of the new ideas in the fashion industry. The main aim of the paper is to discuss the movie, “Working Girl”, its overall composition, critical analysis and a detail about the issues as well as the concepts that are being observed after watching the movie.

The movie has some things which are outdated because its release has been passed more than 20 years. The dressing of the women is neither attractive for the current time nor the implementation of the basic principles of dressing suited to the women. It could be the thinking of current world but the fashion of the 1980s was highly appreciated at its time. At the first day of Tess at her office, Sigourney Weaver explained her some basic important and basic rules of office dressing in which on was that if the women would dress in a perfect manner, the people will notice the women and if she wears something shabbily, they will definitely observe the dress with critical eyes.

In the business perspective, Tess gets some tips in which the known and very famous was the teasing sentence that she would never be able to know from where the big ideas would probably come from. She didn’t go to the business schools but she had a proud belief in her about the knowledge that it can come from anywhere and she learned the best. The knowledge or the tricks of success are not always in the expensive schools but could be anywhere and can be approached anytime. The most important lessons from the movie about the work includes a number of tips related to dressing, hairstyles and even way of dealing things. There is a famous quote about the hair that of the job is in the law agency or legal affairs than the hair could be wearing a serious hairstyle but if a dream is to be the Lady Gaga’s stylist or fashion designer than the pouf must be maintained.

In the movie a lesson that could be critically extracted which shows good relevance about today’s work culture is that the head should be considered as for the business as it is related to making strategies and process of thinking while the body for the sin as for appealing and repeating the lies to everyone that I don’t know anything about you but I heard good about you so, please be always good. There was also a point raised by Moore in which it is explained that the sons and daughters of the immigrants have dreams of becoming millionaires as they strive hard to achieve their goals.

The main things in the paper discussed could be concluded that Tess didn’t belong to the firm and she tried to steal the idea and wanted to make a good impression quickly. She considered = it as the fastest way to become a capitalist and to get another capitalist to accept herself. The movie was made on the current situation of the country and related to a fairytale of Cinderella. Tess is Cinderella of her dreams in which she has thinking to become a hard-working romantic heroine.

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