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Motor Skill or Activity

A motor skill is smooth and automatic movement. Practice is essential to obtain or maintain the motor skill or action (Baumgartner & Jackson, 1998).

Walking activity

If we see people of older age, they used to walk with little steps because they have a fear that they would fall. But if we have observed these old people in their early age like in their 20’s, then we will come to know that they weren’t used to this walking. They take bigger and faster steps.

It is all because ageing is impacting them. Their muscle are getting weak day by day. They start lacking energy. If we check Last-in-first-out hypothesis, which suggests that the simple movements developed early in life and appeared to resist decline with ageing somewhat. Doing nothing and sitting just in a place is the primary reason for the poor physical fitness in older age. It is almost equal to the effects of excessive alcohol and smoking. Another reason is that middle age people have in their mind that after 40, they are not physically fit. They stop doing exercise and taking rest more. They become less productive; it leads to immobility of their body and mind too (Harriss & Atkinson, 2015).

The more you do work for your health at your early age, healthier you will look in your middle age. Training should be held for the middle-aged people to stimulate them towards the benefits of exercise. Start at the slow pace (Harriss & Atkinson, 2015). Don’t rush them to do the substantial activity. Maintain your lifecycle from the start to remain healthy in your older age. Do exercise more and drink plenty of water and eat well. It will add a lot to your health. Spare time for yourself.


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