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Motor Development Essay

The two learning indicators that could be influential for a karate learner as I am also working hard to achieve my goals in the field of physical fitness, karate, and motor skills are the consistency and decreased effort. The main aim of the paper is to discuss the learning indicators, their applying in karate, motor skill learning and their importance in the field of coaching.

The coach in the video in which a boy learns his almost the first lesson of karate in which we can find him to be consistent to the learning and after a couple of minutes he becomes used to the motor skills and doesn’t have to struggle for putting great attention. After leaving his teacher, he gets surprised by his hand’s movement and seen astonished of what he has learned. It is a daily life practice of our club of karate in which a number of new kids and young adults joins the club and enjoys their slowly development of the motor skills.

The consistency is highly important in karate as well as in any motor skill. It helps in getting used to the skills and movements of the body. Nobody is perfect with respect to the motor skills and need development which only comes after getting consistent. For the achievement of the fluency and effortless practice, the motor skills require lots of time of practice.

In a nutshell, both consistency and decreased effort are highly important in the learning of the motor skills as it helps in accuracy and effortless practice of the motor skills. I have aimed to manage the best practices of karate which are currently very rare players are practicing. Since I am a very good consistent player of the motor skills of karate but I am trying my best to achieve the decreased effort stage and after that reduced attention demand and then adaptability.


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