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I have been curious about giant industrial systems and how they are managed right from my school days. From food processing to manufacturing Air Buses, making bicycles to assembling world’s fastest cars, all this not only fascinated me but also surprised as to how they do it. No wonder, these marvels were made possible by automated systems which have been regulated in advance manufacturing industries. This curiosity has cultivated my interest to take Advanced Manufacturing as my major in my graduate studies.

The course Machine Design and CAD as part of my bachelor’s study enormously fascinated me since its start. As the semester progressed, I became really obsessed with Mechanical Design, Simulation and Concept Development. Since then, I started solving problems in product design and development and especially in manufacturing. I assisted a local firm to setup Plasma Cutting CNC machines for sheet metal cutting and trained couple of operators with AutoCAD and SheetCAM. I was also involved in reverse engineering of Concrete Batching Plant and successfully prepared CAD design and fabrication drawings of it.

Being a self-motivated and keen learner, I have achieved various certifications as well. I am a Certified Solidworks Professional (CSWP) and a well-trained engineering simulations expert certified by the Cornell University. I also have good mathematical and programming skills which are very helpful in designing efficient systems. I have hands-on experience with the state-of-the-art mechanical modeling and analysis tools such as SOLIDWORKS, ANSYS, and MATLAB.

Because of strong skills in CAD software I was asked to join NFC IET, Multan as Lab Engineer by the Head of Department right after my graduate studies. For the very first time in university, I introduced online learning management system to the students, which helped in better communication and improved learning experiences for the students. The desire to work with foreign people pushed me to start freelancing where I got the unique experience of solving challenges being faced in the industry by incorporating innovative solutions. Currently, I am working on UP WORK GLOBAL INC. as a freelancer where I am providing services for engineering product design and product performance analysis using latest CAD and CAE systems.

I am an open and flexible person, with a strong enthusiasm for learning new things. I can easily adjust to a diversified environment and have no issue to learn in a different country as I enjoy traveling and meeting new cultures. I accept diversity and that is why I am interested to work with people having different cultures. Key traits in my personality include highly motivated, confident, energetic, accountable, and result oriented nature acknowledged for integrating creativity, teamwork as well as potential to work independently in order to yield optimized solutions. My exploring and learning attitude is the key to my professional confidence and behavior.

My decision to enroll in Additive Manufacturing at Centrale Nantes is greatly influenced by my core interest in computer-aided designing and numerical simulations. I am applying to carefully reviewing the course curriculum. The courses like Numerical Methods, Structural Mechanics, Computer-aided Design, Mechanical Design, Virtual Reality in Product Development clearly align with my academic background and professional experience. Since the current researchers in Additive Manufacturing and Numerical Simulation and High-Performance Computing complement my research interests and requirements, I believe that being an MS student in your prestigious institute would not only empower my career development but would give me the framework to utilize my full potentials.

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