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Mona Lisa Painting by Leonardo Da Vinci

Art has always been one of the favorite crafts of mankind and it is as old as the origin of human beings itself. During the course of time, there have been many masterpieces made by famous artists and it is excruciatingly difficult to rank them which piece of art is greater than the other as they all are marvelous in their own ways. However, I personally admire one particular painting titled as “Mona Lisa” created by the artist named as Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the greats of his time.

Mona Lisa is identified as Da Vinci’s masterwork and is the most recognized artwork of modern times. The painting is a sitting portrait of a woman believed to be the wife of wealthy Florentine merchant Francesco di Bartolomeo del Giocondo. The portrait was painted in-between 1503-1506 and has been on display at the Louvre museum in Paris since 1979 (Da Vinci, 2008). The portrait is undeniably enigmatic as it reflects the master strokes of the artist painted with oil on a poplar wood using the technique known as sfumato.

The most fascinating feature of the painting is its realism and attention to detailing of its contents like the reflection of light from the face of the lady, the blending of colors with such subtle brush strokes invisible to the naked eye, and the illusion of depth in the background of the painting (Mohen, Menu, & Mottin, 2006). Even the eyebrows and the lashes of the woman in the painting are no longer visible, must have been eroded with the passage of time, yet the exhibition of delicacy and fineness makes it hardly noticeable. What makes the painting my favorite is the artist’s innovative way of creating it even in the sixteenth century and how it laid the basis for the portrait painting afterward.



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