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Model of Excellence: Capabilities for Excellent HR Practitioners


Model of excellence shows the graphical representation of the seven capabilities and ten behaviors which are expected to be possessed by an excellent human resource manager. These capabilities ensure that the HR manager can perform his duties and responsibilities correctly.In this assessment, 3 of these capabilities: Human resource manager as an ethical and credible practitioner, a workforce and workplace designer, and a stakeholder mentor and coach will be discussed. The importance and practical experiences of these capabilities will also be addressed.


  1. Ethical and credible practitioner

The changing business nature of this era demands a human resource manager to be a reliable source and ethical person. The study shows that ethical leadership has a positive effect on job satisfaction of the middle managers and their commitment to the organization  (Kim & Brymer, 2011, p. 1021).The capability of being an ethical and credible human resource manager, it is an essential responsibility for him to be able to show ethical behaviour while performing his duties like recruiting and hiring new people, training the workforce, compensating or firing an employee, etc. If a manager does not follow an ethical code of conduct while performing his duties and he is not considered as a credible source, it will have a negative impact on the business in many ways. For example in business, people may face many problems like a complicated relationship with other businesses, among colleagues, and personal issues of the employees. An HR manager is expected to resolve these issues, and if he is not a credible source for the workforce and does not practice ethical codes in his decisions and practices, he will not be able to solve these problems (Anon., 2018 ). If the HR manager is a reliable and credible person himself, only then ethical implementation of organizational practices will be made sure of The study shows that corporate ethics can be managed only if the HR manager himself is the credible person  (Foote & Robinson, 1999, p. 95).

For applying as an HR graduate, the ability to be an ethical and credible person can help me show my strengths. I can show that I possess the abilities to be an ethical and credible manager by telling experiences from my daily life. I am an honest person and avoid telling lies to my family and friends, my friends trust me in sharing their problems and ask about solutions. They don’t hesitate to share their secrets with me. My teachers believe that I am an obedient student as I was never involved in any misconduct and I got good grades for my behaviour. I was never involved in breaking any state law and got no such punishment for abiding by any rules and laws in my educational institutes.

  1. A workforce and workplace designer

An HR manager is supposed to do the tasks of designing a better workforce and a better workplace environment by making many strategic decisions to provide an effective workplace environment and efficiently deal with the employees in the matters. These decisions may involve a better job analysis, proper job description, easy and transparent hiring firing process, remuneration and better reward strategies for employees, better work environment, conducting training of employees, and performance evaluation in a proper way  (Anon., 2018). This will provide the workforce with a better workplace environment and a motivation to work hard. If the employees’ motivational level is high and they are happy with the workplace environment, they will work happily and efficiently which results in increased profitability of the organization which is a responsibility of a good HR manager. For designing and developing a better workforce and a better workforce environment, no one other than a human resource manager is important. A human resource manager has to design programs regarding training and development of the employees to drive them through prosperity  (DAVENPORT, 1999, p. 37).

For applying as an HR graduate, I can prove that I can design a motivated workforce and provide them with a better workplace environment, as I have taken part in organizing and conducting many voluntary events like many sports events, training sessions, and seminars in my educational institutes. I was able to motivate the teams to perform well and provided a better environment for them by providing required facilities. I can work in teams and able to lead the team effectively.

  1. A stakeholder mentor and coach

Mentoring is an emerging management strategy used by the human resource department and HR manager in the workplace and organizational settings, to better guide the workforce and provide them directions by their development  (Ehrich & Hansford, 1999, p. 92).Coaching and mentoring the employees is very important for an organization to get successful. It is essential for an excellent HR manager to act as a mentor and coach for his subordinates and guide the workforce what is right and wrong for them. He should possess coaching and mentoring abilities to properly guide the workforce and motivate them to achieve their tasks. He can guide them on how they may be able to improve their performances. Research shows that employees performance and their job satisfaction can increase by coaching and mentor them. There is a positive connection between a manager’s coaching behaviour and the performance of the employees (Ellinger, et al., 2003, p.455). An HR manager has to ensure the balance of needs of the organization as well as the needs of the employees. The guidance from an HR manager can help the employees get their direction towards the goals. This shows that the HR manager can understand the need for employees and he is concerned about them, which is an essential ability for managers to keep the employees on track and satisfied (Anon., 2018).

For applying as an HR graduate, the ability to coach and mentor the employees is crucial. I can show that I possess coaching and mentor abilities as I have been engaged in supervising my group of college for team tasks and assignments. I am engaged in coaching my sports team, and I can tell how I motivate them to perform well on the ground. I use to guide and mentor my elder siblings on educational matters. My friends feel comfortable in asking me for guidance in any aspect of life.


For achieving excellence in managing workforce, the abilities and behaviours in the “Model of excellence” are considered very crucial for a person if he wants to become an effective HR manager. He can perform his duties and responsibilities efficiently only if he possesses some of these abilities. A person who cares about the ethical code of conduct is always considered the reliable and noble person. Similarly, the workforce will show trust in the manager if the HR manager is a credible and an honest person. The ability to design a better and efficient workforce and better work environment for the employees can increase their abilities and satisfaction which will increase organizational productivity. A person who can coach and mentor is one who can influence and motivate the workforce through guiding them. These all abilities help a person to become an excellent HR manager and take the organization on the track of success. A human resource manager cannot have all of these seven capabilities at a time, but he can try to adopt some of them to achieve excellence.

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