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Mindfulness in the use of Email/Texting

In the present age where technology has taken over, and everything is done online, people find comfort and ease in using email/texting to convey information. While it is true that this medium has made the life of modern man easy, it should also be noted that the messages sent through emails or text can often mislead the receiver into thinking that the message was offensive or mean. The modern generation is relying too much on online communication so much so that a celebration or an incident is now easily shared over texts. The face to face aspect has been diminished due to online interaction.

One of the Google engineer’s by the name of Chade-Meng Tan asserts that people find ease in sending both the good news and the bad news through online interaction (Asaphoom). The online communications can misguide people into believing that the text or email is offensive, which then starts a chain of reactions and leads to a disaster on both ends. The human brain tends to assume that a particular text had meant to imply something else even if the sender had no intentions of doing so. People most often do not send complete information through emails/texts, therefore, when creating a message people should be mindful of what they write.

Being mindful when using email and texting requires the sender to be active and alert while jotting down their thoughts on to the mail. Complete information should be sent to the other person so that there aren’t any gaps in miscommunication. Instead of using acronyms and emoticons, proper words should be written down so that the receiver understands what the message implies. Instead of quickly typing a message and pressing ‘send’ key, it is better to take time and reflect on what has been written or needs to be written so that a proper message is created which can help the receiver in getting the information he or she needs.

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