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Migrant Dreams

Written Exercise : Watch the Film ‘Migrant Dreams’
( and suggest some ways in which
Bauman’s ideas can help us understand the situation of temporary foreign workers in Canada.

A massive slot of human beings are entitled as refugees and immigrants around the world. Other than security and safety, multiple factors tend to replace nationals of one country with other, among which economic prosperity and welfare are top ranked. The documentary Migrant Dreams puts emphasis on refugee’s issues with a special focus on temporary foreign workers in Canada. These personals have to undergo a series of turmoil and havoc situations. In the light of this documentary, one can observe slavery under the blanket of a modern globalized world. Understanding the situation in this regard, Bauman’s ideas can help us greatly.

According to Bauman, immigrants are strangers to the respective inhabitants of the country, who do not welcome them and consider them third-class citizens. The same is the case with these temporary foreign workers in Canada. He pointed out that the political elite and the respective authorities exploit the fears and worries of migrants. His ideas are solely right in the case of these workers. The legislative authorizes allowed these persons to work in Canada but not ensure their human rights. These workers have to pay an illegal fee to the recruiters, but the respective authorities are silent. No forum is there to address their fundamental problems, even treating them as human beings. The exploitation of their fears, low wages, extra hours of work, inhumane dealing, and mental torture are the daily circumstances these workers undergo. They are willingly made ignorant about their rights to capture according to the desire of employers.

However, cooperation with them, establishing harmony and considering them part of Canadian society is out of the question. In other words, the situation of these workers is directly associated with Bauman’s ideas. The need of the hour is to move towards Bauman’s possible solutions of coordination, unity and living together as a human species. So, such exploitation can be ended.



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