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Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt

There are many differences between Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. Both ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia had different political structures. In ancient Egypt, the Ruler known as the Pharaoh was the agent of the divine beings on earth. The people of ancient Egypt trusted that their Pharaoh was a God. Therefore, they abstained from looking at his face even when he spoke to them. Most nobles who were chosen to essential positions in ancient Egypt were heirs to the Pharaoh.

In Ancient Mesopotamia, things were the complete opposite. The society comprised of self-governing rural lands for over 1,000 years before Sargon the Great was crowned as monarch in 2370 BCE. The people of Mesopotamia, nevertheless, did not look at their ruler or his heirs to be godlike. In Mesopotamia, a significant portion of the scribes were the individuals from respectable families and not heirs to their ruler.

In Mesopotamia, women were allowed licenses to take part in trade, and even owned land. However, there were laws revered in the Code of Hammurabi which kept them from becoming heir to the property once their spouses passed on. In ancient Egypt, however, women could assume control over 30% of their spouses’ estates as widows.

Writing styles and dialects differed in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia as well. The Sumerians in Mesopotamia established the writing system known as cuneiform. It was created to help do the job of facilitating the preservation of records much more manageable. Cuneiform, which was communicated through pie shapes, was composed of earth tablets which would then be presented to the sun to dry. The scribes in ancient Egypt utilized hieroglyphics to articulate thoughts and ideas. This dialect had alphabetic components as well as symbols

So, both were highly advanced societies. However, there were substantial political, religious, and cultural dissimilarities among Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia which established the formation of human societies.



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