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Mental Stability and Condition of the Workers at Samsung Company Article Review

Executive Summary

This article gives insights into mental health issues and their effects on business operations. A primary focus of this review was the mental stability and condition of the workers at Samsung Company. The task team was determined to understand the procedures, mandates, processes, programs, and structures of the primary wellness units. This is due to the increased number of mental health concerns in the company. More employees now join the work promises with mental health diagnoses and hence require psychiatric care and professional counseling(Goetzel et al. 2002, p322). If this is not offered, the company is bound to face performance problems. The unstable psychological state has made conflicts and accidents prone in the Samsung Company, causing an alarm. Suicide attempts among employees have also become rampant. This article provides that the causes of mental illness among workers are inflexible work hours, unclear tasks, inadequate health and safety policies, and poor management practices, just to mention a few. The article recognizes and challenges the status quo and demands creative approaches to addressing the mental issue.


  • Providing resources to address the staff wellness and care.
  • Offering psychiatric care to employees diagnosed with mental disorders. Provision of staff development and education programs for best practices.
  • Assisting people with severe mental health problems to stay weak and connect with people. The use of earlier interventions to prevent mental issues includes flexible working hours, implementation of health and safety measures, and proper management practices.
  • Recognizing and managing employee diversity and ensuring employee access to all services necessary for their physical and mental well-being.


Goetzel, R. Z., Ozminkowski, R. J., Sederer, L. I., & Mark, T. L. (2002). The business case for quality mental health services: why employers should care about the mental health and well-being of their employees. Journal of occupational and environmental medicine44(4), 320-330.



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