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Question 1

Mental health is behavioral, emotional as well as cognitive well-being. Mental health is all about what one feels, behaves, or thinks. Additionally, it affects the way we act, feel and think. It helps in determining how people tend to handle stress, relate to others as well as make life choices. However, there are various hindrances to mental that prevent an individual from achieving what they want, which is essential for mental health. It is a psychological state of an individual who carries out some functions to a satisfactory level of behavioral as well as emotional adjustment.

Question 2

According to APHA an estimated 26.2 percent of individuals above 18 years suffer from mental disorders in a given year hence affecting their employment as well as daily life or schooling. There is no immunization for mental disorders. Therefore, anybody can suffer from it regardless of whom they are, status, race, or age. Every year 6.7 percent of the American population suffers from depression. Although there is no exact cause of mental illness due the research arrived out is clear that it is a result of the combination of all aspects genetics, environment, psychological as well as psychosocial aspects (Topics & Issues, 2018).

Mental illness has affected society in financial terms since the cost terms are related to mental disease as well as drug use disorders. The most discouraging thing is the effects of mental illness on the family. In most cases, people who commit suicide may have mental illness and might be suffering from diagnosable diseases or substance use. Mental illness can lead to many negative things in an individual life. Mostly it may lead to loss of employment, engaging in criminal activities as well as accidents.  Mental illness has a closer relationship with the homeless where people who are homeless suffer a lot. Therefore it is clear that mental illness is a severe health issue that requires all our efforts and attention. At times it is difficult to state what the patient may be suffering at. But through accurate diagnosis one will be able to identify the type of mental illness and seek appropriate treatments (Topics & Issues, 2018).

Mental illness can be treated once diagnosed, and people ailing from mental illness are in a position to recover fully. Treatment of mental illness involves all the processes required to promote wellness and recovery. There are two ways of treating mental illness that is psychological therapy medication, as well as community, support programs. The illness treatment is one administered to depends on the kind of disease one is suffering from. It is therefore advisable that a diagnosis is carried out on the patient before applying any medication.

Question 3

Problem statement

A descriptive summary, options to solve as well as the best way to address mental illness

Item 4

Mental health problems are associated with suicide in nine out of ten countries around the globe with higher rates of deaths increasing among the victims. Many individuals are exposed to stress and distress with growing anxiety and suicidal behavior. Stigma was high in the community hence leading to victims feeling neglected and unwanted disturbing their family relationships as well as affecting individual self-esteem. It limits the socialization ability of individuals with health issues as well as the people in the society or their families.

So far the government has recognized the essentiality of its citizen being mentally well-being and the fundamentals of living a life of high quality hence enabling people to embrace the meaning of life by being active and creative. Mental health has to target the whole population as a way of bringing a solution to the issue including those who are victims of mental health problems as well as their caregivers. Governments are now aware of the possible ways of reducing stress as well as suicidal rates.

So far there have been treatment stigmas in treating mental health, and the resources are very scarce. A higher percentage of individuals are suffering from depression yet they have never been treated or received any medical services. Since mental health disorders treatment is expensive, the government must save money for mental health issues in their health budget. Empowerment and advocacy are of crucial tools for addressing this mental health issue. Poor support, as well as lack of enough money, acts as a barrier to the implementation, empowerment, and designing of policies in dealing with mental health issues. These are the challenges that the WHO and European Region is facing (Nolen-Hoeksema 2015)

Question 5

Healthcare delivery services have various impacts on handling chronic diseases. The future health care success gets well managed. More so cost containment is an aspect that cannot get denied. The controlled and continuation of the evolution of the American health system results are both qualitative and quantitative. The delivery services lead to a reduction in hospital overcrowding and will lead to increase in ambulatory services, outpatient surgeries, as well as home care services. In emphasizing and preventing better decisions by patients about health-related behaviors and lack of enough choices. The choices are lacking in the act of choosing the actioners required as well as benefits from increased limitation coverage with higher co-pays and higher deductibles. It remains the reality of an essential portion of the population among the uninsured from the treatment qualities to issues and concerns on who to trust. Delivery services help in optimizing the available health care services and reducing the use of expensive, unnecessary services. It as well controls and standardizes the widely varying traditional form of medications (Blais, 2015).


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