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Mc Turkey Burger by Mc Donald’s Essay

Concept Title:

“New burger, new flavor, Mc Turkey, your alternate Mc Donald’s taste”

Concept Behind this ad:

Mc Turkey is a new burger that is being introduced in the market by Mc Donald’s. The idea behind the phrase “new burger” is to make the consumers aware of a new product in the market. When consumers first hear a new burger from their favorite restaurant, the would be asking themselves some questions regarding what type of burger is this, how does it taste and many other questions.

The second phrase “new flavor” reveal to the consumers that this new burger has got some unique taste. The consumers will now be yearning to taste this new flavor from their favorite restaurant. Every consumer will want to be the first one to experience the taste of the new product and spread his or her feelings to other interested consumers.

The third phrase now reveal the name of the new burger, “Mc Turkey.” This name gives the consumers a hint of the possible flavors and ingredients contained in the new burger. As the name suggests, consumers will expect the new burger to have some turkey meat. The last phrase now informs the consumers on what the product the product will offer them. The burger will be an alternative to the ones that only constitute of red meat.

The product that the ad will deliver:

The ad will promote the new Mc Turkey burger to its consumers. This product will have unique flavor and taste from the normal Mc Donald’s burgers that consumers have been enjoying in their favorite restaurant. The audience are the consumers who would be introduced with the new Mc Turkey burger.

The audience:

The introduction of turkey burgers is anticipated to attract more consumers who maybe were not fans of red meat. In terms of geographic reach, this ad will aim at reaching Mc Donald’s customers in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Atlanta and Chicago who will very soon enjoy the new product which is none other than the Mc Turkey Sandwich. The new product line will undergo test-market in more than 500 restaurants located in cities under the ad’s geographical reach (Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Atlanta and Chicago). In recent times, these cities have seen a majority of its people limit or avoid the consumption of red meat. The introduction of this new product therefore targets these particular individuals by offering them a new option of the Turkey burger.

How Mc Turkey’s ad will appeal to or motivate the target audience.

One of the ways in which the ad will appeal to the target audience is by use of scare tactics. The ad will persuade the consumers to consider the new product as the best alternative to the old burgers. This will be achieved through describing the health benefits that the product has over the red meat. The ad will also lure the target consumers by attacking their social standing. Mc Turkey will use the famous phrase that is used by most advertisers by telling their audience “don’t be left behind, grab your Mc Turkey burger and experience the new taste.” By doing so, more people would be yearning to taste the new product in the market. Similarly, Mc Donald’s will increase their social media campaign of the new product through posting fun images and videos that will boost audience interaction and knowing more about Mc Turkey.

Since this ad will be included in print media, social media and mainstream media, the suggested visuals would include images, videos and still photography. On print media like the newspapers, this ad will use a set of eye catching images to attract the attention of the target audience. On mainstream media such as TVs, the ad will use a 30 second video the deliver its message to the target audience. The audio that would be contained in the video can be used to advertise the product on radio stations. On social media such as Facebook and Instagram, the ad can choose to use either the video or the still photography to promote the new Mc Turkey product. The audience can even be given a chance to commend on the product on social media sites.



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