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Marriage and Sex Case Study


It is important for a married couple to fulfill the desire of each other, more so sex is one of the important act between a couple that increases values in their relation and unity. Veronica is a man of age 57 years old, and he is experiencing the problem of low libido. It’s causing problems between him and his wife who is 55 years old. He even began to smoke marijuana to assist him to improve his sex desire, but it doesn’t. Furthermore, he thought to use a chemical to enhance his mood.

In this situation, we must understand the cause of the problem because at age 57 years Veronica should be sexually active to fulfill the desire of his wife. According to my understanding, I ask Veronica if he experiences some of the psychological problems like the family problem, stress and anxiety from the strain of daily life, mental disorder, and depression. The other cause of low libido may result from medical issues or diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity. These are the main cause of the low libido if the patient has not involved in accident affect his sexual system.

Veronica was frank to illustrate his problem. He explained that he normally experience a psychological problem like stress and depression due to his daily activities and their relationship. He also has a medical issue because he has diabetes and also high blood pressure. He doesn’t understand if there if another may be affecting him that he is not aware. Despite illness, he named, his health is good.

My advice to Veronica and his wife is to eliminate stress and pressure in their life. Try getting out of things that may cause stress and pressure. I encourage Veronica to take part in the physical activities or exercise that will make him more social, relaxing and less competitive. This will improve his health condition that will lead to high sex desire. I also told them to have foreplay to motivate body feeling like kissing, touching each other and hugging. It will raise their sex feeling, and they will have good sexual intercourse. Also, I encourage them to watch little porn that will motivate veronica sex desire. I discourage the use of chemical he was thinking about because it may cause more harm to his problem and health. Therefore, the couple should have better balance diet that will facilitate the development of the harmonies which intern will improve sex desire.


Jorge is the active heterosexual man at the age of1 19 years. He experiences lack of libido and ability to perform sexually when he began taking SSRI antidepressant for depression. Even his friends are complaint he does not hook up with women in the parties. It is serious issues that need this young man to be rehabilitated from this habit of heterosexuality. According to my observation, Jorge stated this habit while still very young, and he has grown to do it. What I am more concern about the cause of depression use of SSRI antidepressant-treated him.

Jorge was open to my concern, and he expressed himself he normally does sex with many women regardless of their age. He started this at the age of fifteen years and was introduced in this group by his friends who were older than him. He does this for entertainment and due to pressure from his fellow friends. However, he developed stress and depression when he thought about her future life.

My advice to Jorge is left that heterosexual groups or parties because it is destroying his life. He should reconcile himself and get married to a woman he loves. This will assist him not return to heterosexual parties. Additionally, I told him to leave friends who encourage him to continue with their heterosexual habit and find other activity that will make his mind busy which will make him don’t think of previous activity.

Low libido that Jorge experience is due to the stress and depression, he was experiencing. However, it was not due to SSI antidepressant he was undertaking. It the mindset of a person that results in low sexual desire. As depression and stress are eliminated from his life, his libido will be better. It will be possible is he engage in a physical exercise that will make him more social, relaxing and less competitive. This will improve his health, and everything will be good.



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