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Major Trends Affecting the Future of Healthcare Administration

The possibility of the Chronic Care Management companies to keep the patient out of the hospital as much as possible would help in reduction of health care bills and cost of medication. This situation emerges because of increase in competition in the health industry making health care centers to do anything possible within their might to reduce its medical costs and bills to its patients (Spitzer & Davidson, 2013).

In the case of Geriatric Care Management companies using the mobile technology as an alternative to reach the old people will help to solve the problem of the access to healthcare. Most of the old people are retired individuals who need quality medication that are also easily accessible considering their age. This move helps to solve the dire prospected results of the healthcare delivery system and accessibility (Cherry & Jacobs, 2016)..

One of the reasons for companies reducing its cost of care by moving services currently provided in hospital to out in the community is due to the rising competition in the health sector. By so doing, the overall spending of the patients who pays such facilities a visit pay a reasonable and moderate health charges as compared to the recent years. However, the pressure exerted on the service providers by this idea of cutting down costs for its patients is too much that if not looked into keenly will make it difficult for the healthcare providers to providing quality services due to excessive losses (Cherry & Jacobs, 2016)..

The emergence of new technology in the health sector is of great importance to its patients. This is for the reason that patients require a faster but more accurate mode of treatment whose precision cannot be met by the human being but rather the developed technology. The technology of keeping of patients records using the modern technology makes the job of the physicians easier in retrieving the patients’ record for future referrals and use (Cherry & Jacobs, 2016).


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