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Mac or PC? which one is better Essay

Since their introduction, personal computers have become an integral part of our daily lives. They are now regarded as one of the primary necessities of everyday lives. In fact, some may argue that they are imperative to the survival of human beings in the contemporary society. Almost everyone in the modern age has a computer at their home, their workplace and their educational institution to use for multiple purposes. However, with the advancement in the fields of technology, an individual is presented with a variety of available options to choose from regarding buying a computer. Selecting the right type of machine to fulfill her specific needs has become a significant issue nowadays. In the vast market of the computer industry, characterized by a wide range of different technologies and models, it has become difficult to choose the adequate computer for use. The main competitors in the computer market in this regard are the MAC and the PC. These two computer manufacturing companies are vying for capturing the maximum market share, and both boast the availability of the best and latest technology. However, it is a fact that PC is much more popular then MAC, with a considerable market share. Also, it is much more comfortable to use than MAC.

The MAC utilizes MAC OS as the operating system for functioning. Macintosh created it. On the other hand, the PC uses the Windows as its operating system, established by Microsoft. The opinions on these two models of computers vary widely among different people. Although PCs are much more commonly used in the entire world, the proponents of MAC consider it to be more reliable and durable than the PC. Such people regard the high prices of MAC as compared to the PC as the proof of the superiority of MAC. Moreover, according to the opponents of the PC, the software of the MAC is much more reliable as compared to the PC. It may be because PCs have a massive variety of different software developed by various companies. A majority of software is open source and not guaranteed. Therefore, they may result in damaging the PCs. Moreover, MACs have highly specialized software developed exclusively for them, especially the media production software. It makes the MAC more superior to the PC.

Another argument presented in favor of MAC is the high security it provides in comparison to PC. In this regard, the PC is highly susceptible to a large number of computer viruses which can cause severe damage to the data stored in them. In fact, according to statistics, there are almost 147,000 different viruses that can damage the PCs. The MAC, however, is considered very safe in this context. The structure of MAC is formed by Macintosh in such a manner that viruses are unable to penetrate the system of the computer. It is not the case with PC, and hence, the user has to spend additional amounts of money to buy antivirus software and renew it every year to protect her PC from viruses. Instead, in some instances, the antivirus software itself turns out to be the virus.

Yes, it is true that some of the points presented above in favor of MAC are in fact very accurate. PCs lack the level of security offered by MACs. However, it is not entirely accurate, as there is official software developed by Microsoft to protect the PC against the threat of viruses. Furthermore, the current versions of PCs, operating on the latest version of Windows, the Windows 10, comes preinstalled with the official antivirus software developed by Microsoft. Moreover, the availability of a wide range of different types of software for the PC is also an advantage offered by PCs. Although the media production software of MAC may be more effective than the PC, the high prices for their up gradation act as an impediment to its popularity and broad-scale adoption. Moreover, the availability of open source and free software for PC systems grants the opportunity to its users to highly customize their PCs according to their specific needs. Also, the high prices of MACs may translate to their durability; the same aspect also is the main reason that MAC has not been as popular as the PC. Rapid developments and advancements characterize the field of computer technology. It means that the computers have to be continuously replaced to incorporate the latest forms of technology. Therefore, such a highly innovative market requires the people using computers to spend on purchasing newer versions of computer regularly. Hence, the high prices of MAC prevent most people from staying up to date with the more modern technologies.

PCs have always been the dominant choice for computer users throughout the world. In fact, in most regions of the world, the word computer is regarded as synonymous with PC, running on Windows. PC systems are also highly compatible with various software and hardware in contrast with MAC. This high compatibility enables the user to stay up to date with the emerging technologies and upgrade her software conveniently. The availability of a wide range of free and readily available software further adds to the advantages of PC over MAC.

Another benefit of PC over MAC is its convenience of installing software. The process of installing new software is much more comfortable than MAC. Most of the installation processes are automatic, with instructions appearing to guide the user through each step of the process. It may consume time, but the availability of step by step process ensures that the program is installed adequately and is according to the specific needs and requirements of the user.

Another significant advantage of PC over MAC is the fact that MAC has a highly specialized software. It makes running specific formats of programs and applications much harder in the case of MAC. On the other hand, PC offers excellent flexibility regarding the availability of software and to play numerous games or listen to specific formats of songs. Also, the availability of PC throughout the word means that any issue regarding the PC can easily be solved in any region of the world. Also, most of the computer games and other software, such as office management tools are specially developed to be utilized in PCs. It results in a vast range of available programs for the PC user to choose from. On the same note, the opposite is the case with MAC. Certain parts of the world are not even aware of the existence of MAC. In fact, MAC is popular merely within the United States. The condition is especially negative in the developing nations, where people buy PCs and are unable even to consider buying MAC due to its high price.

Finally, the aspect of wireless connectivity further adds to the popularity of PC worldwide. Some may state that the process of connecting to a wireless network is quite slow in the case of PC, but it is the same aspect that grants it an edge over MAC. The connectivity process allows the user to carefully examine each step of the connection as every step requires permission from the user.

In conclusion, both MAC and PC have their supporters. However, the edge that PC has over MAC can never be denied. PC costs much less than MAC, and this aspect is the major contributing factor behind its massive popularity on the global scale. Also, PC is easily customizable with a vast variety of computer games and software to choose from, an aspect not available in MAC. All these aspects rightfully make PC much more advantageous than MAC and hence, its worldwide adoption.



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