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Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Lord of the flies is an English novel written by William Golding and was originally published in 1954. The story’s main focus is on the British boys who were stranded and lived on an uninhabited island where they attempted to play a disastrous and tragic choice of governing themselves by their self-made rules based on power and loyalty. William Golding served in the Royal Navy during World War II and faced and observed the violence and terrible attempts that the people were practicing. The main aim of the paper is to discuss and prove that the novel lord of the flies is a classic novel and why it is given preference to be included in literature classes in the United States.

Classic means discussing universal concerns discussion. The Lord of the flies is one of the best classic novels and is recommended highly to continue its consideration in the literature class of American schools and colleges. The reasons for proving it to be one of the best among the classic literature are that it includes a clear, powerful, and complete study of the nature of humans but with an example in which the group of boys was playing a good and life-threatening form of the trip in the wild. The author William Golding has elaborated that humans all over the world trick themselves as well as others into wearing masks of being civilized, but in reality, everyone is the same as the boys did in the wild with each other. A human only requires a choice to commit a felony of something terrible or good, and if the choice is appealing, he is tempted to do. The main point which made the book very beautiful and highly effective was that Golding had chosen the boys practicing a government alone and creating violence by a number of acts that are painfully described in the book.

This novel could be used as an educating piece because the level of English used is simple and makes an individual learn the basic themes and the level of context in writing or reading a novel. This novel is composed of almost 200 pages starting very slowly due to the unfamiliarity of the characters, but as they are identified, explained, described, and elaborated, the novel becomes more interesting and appealing. The themes and all the other context in which the novel is developed of them fit into Freud’s psychoanalytical stages. The allegory is organized, and it requires teachers’ good attention to identify the entities which depict where and which building blocks are placed together to form this allegory.

In a nutshell, it can be explained that all the novels, including the lord of the flies, which are considered in classic literature and have well-developed structures of composition and theme development, must be considered for education. These novels should definitely require a good and simple understanding technique in which the instructors are supposed to be involved so that the meaning of the context and the all-over allegory could be understood and elaborated. The boys in the scene were supposed to be on that island because of the nuclear war predictions, and some of the people chose a new generation to be placed over the island for their survival after the war. The results were expected to be positive, but because of human nature and the real truth of the world, it became the opposite, and the boys turned wild in which they didn’t understand one another and gave homage to the power holders only.


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