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Literature for Me Essay

Literature is known as the one crucial discipline to understand the facet of life by considering its different dimensions. The feature of literature always inspires me because it provides the wide range of the understanding of the different concepts of life. Here the focus is to illustrate the importance of literature in my life.

Different features of literature in the form of the story, novel, play, drama etc. always fascinates me as it gives me the opportunity to understand the different prospects of life through the tales of other real or fictional characters. The importance of literature cannot be avoided as it is one crucial foundation of the life. Undoubtedly, reading a different kind of literature helps me to make more effective decisions about my life.

I explore the facet of different life tragedies and the influential perspective of love through the subject of literature. The most effective feature of the literature for me is that it enhances my feature of imagination. It encourages me to utilize the physical words into my imagination the way I like to imagine about life (Bruner, 2003). It enhances my ability to use my imagination and feature of mind to understand different aspect of life from many different angles.

I have an immense form of affection for the subject of literature because it enables me to understand the different prospects of life through the viewpoint of other people. I become able to understand that how different people conceptualize different facet of life through their writing. Undoubtedly, it is one prospect which opens new doors for me related to the happiness and tragedies of life.

To conclude the importance of literature in my life, I want to add my thoughts that understanding the form of literature is the one joyful journey which helps me to expand my knowledge about the different dimensions of life.


Bruner, J. S. (2003). Making Stories: Law, Literature, Life. Harvard University Press. Retrieved from



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