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Life of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is a Serbian American born on 10th July 1856 in Austria, a village called Smiljan where he lived his life up to 1891 before leaving for America. He was born in a family of five and always had childhood attention all his life. He was highly inspired by his mother who was an inventor of household appliances and his father a priest. However, he chose to live his life as a scientist.

He began his secondary school in Gymnasium Karlovac Croatia in 1870 to 1873 then later in 1895-1878, joined Graz University in Austria where he learned technology after that left to Budapest luckily securing himself a job at Central Telephone Exchange (Seifer, 1996). At 28 years before leaving for America, he already had the motor induction idea as per his experience he gained from working with the Telephone Exchange. He went to the United States in 1884 where he worked with Thomas Edison before disagreeing per in the direct current implementation. With his patent machinery; he was able to join George Westinghouse.

He is known for the invention of the Electric system (AC) and Tesla coil. Tesla coil invention occurred in the late 19th century which improved radio technology and is still used to date (Seifer, 1996). In 1895, along with George Westinghouse, he invented hydroelectric power plant in the United States of America as a source of energy. Moreover, he developed electrical generator termed as dynamos, the X-ray, and magnetic field. The foundation of car camp in 2003 by various engineers was as a result of his invention of motor induction, which was the first energy converted to mechanical energy. He also founded the reliable unit for flux density measurements.

His previous life inventions and quotes earned his reputation in America until his death at 86 years. He died of Coronary Thrombosis although some termed it as murder (Skorzeny), in New York City in January 1943.Then later buried at Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade, Serbia. In 1960, the SI unit of the magnet was named after him as an honor to his contribution in the world of science.


Seifer, M. J. (1996). Wizard: The life and times of Nikola Tesla: Biography of a genius. Citadel Press.



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