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Senator David Harry

United States Senate

561 ABC Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 12345-6789

Senator Atarah

United States Senate

987 XYZ Senate Office Building

Washington D.C., 98765-4321


Eliphaz Kumar

752 Down Street Building

Washington, DC 98765

April 6, 2018.

Dear Senator/Representative,

I am Eliphaz and I express deep concern not only to the current state of coral reefs and how to influence the entire ocean but also to our personal lives. The sea played an important role in my life. My family and I are very emotional boaters. I am enjoying surfing, swimming, and snorkeling. Therefore, during high school summertime, I went to the beach in the city. Since I was 12 years old, I got off the coast of Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas every year. Over the past few years, I have noticed a community change and incredible coral reefs respectively. The environment is not very saturated, and life is rich. My praise and interest at Coral College invited me to a course of oceanography just after the third year at Cornell University.

In this document, I will examine the positive benefits of coral reefs that provide sea, people, and economy. But the main purpose of my letter is to draw attention towards the decrease in the number of fish. I hope that after reading this letter, I will be encouraged to enact the necessary and irreplaceable marine conditions by passing laws and regulations to protect our fish stocks.

Coral reefs bring many benefits to people. I believe that many people in modern society do not understand the role of coral reefs in their daily lives. I learned that coral reefs would bring benefits such as food, shelter, and biodiversity. According to my research, coral reefs contain about 16% of the world’s proteins. Since it is an important part of the global diet, it provides a source of income for fishers and stimulates the entire economy. In addition to providing fishermen’s work, I learned that coral reefs act as a major driving force for the tourism sector in our economy.

Although humans benefit from coral reefs, their impact on coral reefs is destroyed by an indirect process. People cause global warming, causing a rise in water temperature, leading to the destruction of coral reefs. However, the depletion of fish stocks in coral reefs is a direct consequence of human ignorance. Overfishing is caused by new technologies that allow fishermen to explore and capture the stocks of small fish that are outside the coral reefs. These fisheries are the economic benefits of coral reefs, but they are also the largest destroyers of the coral reef population. Almost 75% of all fisheries are within their borders or are overexploited. In the environment, there are many natural phenomena, such as Hurricane Katrina or the Tsunami, which are beyond our control, as humans, so I must control destruction of coral reef.

I want to say “Thank You” for reading this letter. Currently, many of the existing social issues you have in mind, and the ability to express your opinion reminds me why I am proud of being an American citizen. I hope that you understand why I believe that we need more stringent laws to prevent over catch for coral reef destruction and compensation. If we want to keep receiving the benefits of coral reefs, I think that the government should do more to manage the behavior of people and fishermen. I will play my role as an enlightened citizen to teach others about knowledge of safe fishery and to teach others what to do as a human being to prevent further destruction of coral reefs. I think the overall environment will be better if people are more aware of their influence and ability to change current destructive tendencies. Thank you for your time. I also thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my opinion on this matter.




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