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Lessons learnt from the case

From the project, I have learned that abuse of power by the officials in an organization creates fear among the employees. This is seen when other employees fear to raise issues about the officer’s misuse of credit card and once one of them raises, he gets fired. This act of being bossy may prevent the employees from doing their best and workplace, and end up performing duties just to impress those in higher positions.

With the introduction of the new app, I have also learned that that allowing your boss to access everything may also create a non-comfortable environment to the worker. This is evident when the new employee fears to raise any issue concerning the company due to the fear that he might be fired and fail to get another job since his boss has a lot of friends from different companies.

Ethical issues presented in the case

Abuse of power

The firing of the manager who spoke up her mind was unjust. We find that the officer who was addressing her was even drunk and he made her lose her job. This shows that the employees are being intimidated and have no right to fight for their rights. The new employee also works to please the officer since he is well known to others in the same industries and would make it difficult for him to find another job.

We also find that he Chief Credit Officer is in charge of the new developed app which makes the new employee afraid to raise any issue due to the fear of being fired as well. This is one way of oppressing the employees by ensuring that every action they take is in favor of those with higher powers. This prevents the employees from working effectively.

Abuse of company privileges

This is seen when the offices uses the credit card by drinking rather than simply taking lunch as it is supposed to be. The officer also feels confident to do whatever he wants since he has worked in that bank for many years since (1989).

Boss behavior basing on Utilitarianism

Basing on Utilitarianism, we realize that the behavior of the boss is not ethical. This is because all the actions he takes only favors him making it harder for other workers. Other workers are working just to impress their boss but they are not comfortable at all.



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