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Leadership vs Management

Leadership and management are two terms confused by many people. Some believe that they are completely different but some believe that they are synonym terms. It has to be noted that they actually describe two different terms, the leader focuses on people and manager focuses on structure and system. Management exercises the direction of an organization or group via supervisory, executive and administrative position. The responsibilities of management are generally mentoring persons with high potential, task-oriented while maintaining discipline and ethics resolve conflicts and it includes developing staff. A good management is to provide services to the community in sustainable and efficient manner. Moreover, management as a job involves in organizing planning, coordinating, budgeting and monitoring activities for organization or group.

Management as a process by which definite set objectives are accomplished through the effective use of resources. So in general management is a process, used to achieve organization goals by establishing work rules, standards, operating and process procedures. Management takes care people, listen to them, and involve them and their needs, and being able to execute a vision. Management classifies as a scientific concept and argued that it is an art to thing get done through people. It maintains the time efficiency. It is all about influencing, persuading, guiding, instructing and other skills associated with the behavioral skills. Therefore it is important to maintain these qualities for reliable and better management. It can make the organization profitable and provide the employees better work environment. Moreover, the modern management role is to develop the abilities and skills in subordinates of vision, positive change and creative thinking in the firm.



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