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Land Home Security Enterprise

Explain why you decided to research on the topic

The reason why I decided to perform research on this topic is due to the fact there has been a high increase of terrorists attacks in the United States. Through this eminent reason the state needed protect its citizens.

  1. How does it relate to American Federal Government

The creation of this enterprise was to ensure transparency, accountability, efficiency and leadership growth. The Homeland Security Enterprise creation was to aid in federal protective services like coming up with steps of tenant offices, good law reinforcement maintenance, and performing security assessments and also taking serious investigations on law breakers.

It was also to help in financial assistance to different institutions like universities, research centres, cybersecurity, banks, boats safety and fire fighters for security purposes. It created a source that will help them to easily apply and find financial assistance. Financial Assistance resources were created such as private and non-profit organisations and institutions and various territories of the United States.

Thirdly, was to ensure that the information shared was protected. It was to find solutions to information setbacks by ensuring that the information was available to the local and state law reinforcement by giving their leaders to protect them. Next was to improve privacy by issuing moderated schemes to reduce the chances privacy among the local community.

Finally, the homeland security was fully trusted to share very important information but not the non-sensitive one through the Homeland Security Information Network agency. The partners of this agency include Federal, State, Territorial and Private sectors that use it to analyse data and perhaps share important information to the jobs.

  1. Discuss whether you consider this site as a good tool for learning about America politics.

This site is a good site to learn about America politics. This is because it gives a clear and organised topics that are important to both the local communities and the state as a whole.




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