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Laboratory Safety Essay

Working in a Chemistry Laboratory requires a lot of safety precautions from the students and teachers alike. Lack of safety can lead to extremely dangerous accidents so the students need to know about different safety measures. This essay aims to develop an understanding of these precautionary measures so that accidents can be avoided.

Your priority before entering the laboratory should be attire as the way you dress can impact your safety immensely. Make sure you are not wearing attire that will come in your way and is not made up of flammable or fuzzy material. You should always wear clothing made out of cotton or similar material. Wear long skirts or pants to protect your legs, wear shoes made of leather or any other non-absorbent material. Long hair should be tied back. You should always wear goggles with side shields to protect your eyes. When inside the laboratory, follow the instructions of your teacher to the letter as you are surrounded by dangerous chemicals. This includes the mixing procedure of chemicals, handling and disposal. Do not dispose of the chemicals by dumping them in the sink. Do it only when the teacher says, it is okay to do so. In case of spillage, notify your teacher immediately as the teacher know the proper way of disposing each chemical.

Be extremely careful during the handling of apparatuses as improper handling can lead to accidents. In case of an accident, notify your teacher and make sure that you do not have any glass shards in the wound. Wash it properly and let the teacher perform the first aid. When using an apparatus, make sure it has been properly cleaned and does not have any cracks. This is especially important when using a Bunsen burner, as its flame is extremely hot and can cause the cracked apparatus to explode. Whenever you are about to use a Bunsen burner check the gas pipe thoroughly for cracks, if there are any leakage in the pipe, use another gas pipe. Sometimes you will need to use Centrifuge, make sure it is properly balanced otherwise it can fall off the counter. If you are using one test tube in the Centrifuge, balance it out with an equal amount of water on the opposite side of the centrifuge. Being safe in the laboratory is extremely important for our safety so be on proper behavior at all times so that the accidents can be avoided (Professor Heath’s Chemistry Channel, 2016).


Professor Heath’s Chemistry Channel. (2016, February 12). Safety Video by American Chemical Society (1991).



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