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Kinship and other methods of grouping

I think that living in a society that spends time with my family brings about disconnection and lack of ideas. Living in one kinship group, I don’t think it should be encouraged. In my point of view, it is significant for the families from different ethnic society are supposed to mix up. In my opinion, mixing and interacting with other communities will help in the spread of ideas, and it will encourage inter-communal unity (Fox, 2017). It is a fact that the society of solidarity will have high ranks of growth and developed. In particular, we need other communities and families apart from our lineage for the economic growth, and therefore in my point of view, I think it is not well when we encourage kinship group in particular families within our society.

According to me, I suggest that individualism is selfishness. It brings no sense of sharing since there is no sharing of the ideas as done to the families that have interaction. I think it is essential to avoid this culture. In fact, living in kinship bound life where there is no interaction will bring more of the family breaks than when the families are allowed to interact and share the idea (Fox, 2017). I imagine the fact that one is marrying from the same family tree. I think many families break up in this scenario based on the fact that is just married to the people whom grew together and stayed together. In marriage there, this room for sharing and adjustment of the way of doing things which cannot do through living in just cage of family kinship but diversity interaction of families.

In reflecting on the sense of the anthropologists, it is obvious that for the labor market to prosper it requires worker mobilization (Fox, 2017). It will be not easy to have the same community or the family demanding from the same economic demand. Therefore in my perspective, I think communities and families should break the notion of having kinship form of operation within the society for their advancement.


Fox, R. (2017). Kinship and marriage: An anthropological perspective (Vol. 50). Cambridge University Press.




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