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Kindness of Strangers in LA Story

Question 1: The kindness of strangers displayed in LA Story is hilarious, tied with fantasy and drama-unexpected attitudes of laughter and generosity have been shown in the film. while in the rest of the films of this, the attitude of kindness by strangers highlights morals and human behavior

Question 2: In all four films of this week the common ethnic diversity highlighted is the presence of immigrants particularly Latinos. In Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood’s neighbors are Latinos’, Asians and the African Americans. In the movie Crossing over, multi-diversity has shown regarding immigrants being from Mexico, Asia, and Australia. In the film Bread and Roses, a story of two Latino sisters depicted in a beautiful bond among the two, one being an illegal immigrant and the other trying to protect and support her through. El Norte, travel to the North i.e. USA, is the story of two Mayan Indian siblings who travel from the south America to LA in an attempt to start a new life after their village destroyed by the American army. The struggle of being present in a culturally diverse environment has terrifically portrayed in all the four film. Another common thread besides immigrants and Latinos is that all four movies depict life in LA.

Question 3: El Norte, the film of 80’s being oldest among them all depicts LA as a land of opportunity, land of work where dreams can come true, where all the immigrants get work and bread, living among the whites serving the whites and making money for survival. The era of economic liberalization has depicted. The movie Bread and Roses is a 2000 movie, more development, and progress regarding the economy shown but a decline in labor justice and opportunities has shown, portraying work for living more difficult with the rise in the economy. The film Crossing over is a 2009 movie, life in LA is a hustle. The economy was touching skies globally. Everyone wants to come to the land of dreams, the land of opportunity, The North, the LA. The type of residents shown throughout is diverse, Asians, African Americans, Latinos.

Question 4: I found Bread and Roses being the most compelling among all. The strong and witty character of Maya and warm, loving personality of Rosa makes the film heartwarming. The courage and struggle behind the survival are worth appraisal. Working as janitors yet carrying the hearts of warriors both the sisters set an example of what family means. Besides that, the film also raises a social, political and economic issue regarding the immigrants, their rights, and justice.



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