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Kameʻeleihiwa Essay

Kameʻeleihiwa is describing the event that led to Aikapu System of government in Hawaii. The author narrates how the death of the society leader Kamehameha led to the fall of the Aikapu traditions. Thus the leader is describing the revolution that took place in Hawaii that led to end Aikapu system of the government. The author narrates “the revolution was accomplished when Liholiho, the sacred heir to Kamehameha and the new Mo’I, sat down to eat with female Ali’I’Nui. After, this act the Aikapu was declared no more (Kameʻeleihiwa, 217).”

Kuykendall is discussing the event that led to the fall of Aikapu system of the government. The Kuykendall gives a detailed narration that led to the fall of the Kamehameha Kingdom. Kuykendall narrates that Kamehameha created the Kingdom of Kapus and also he was the ruler of the Kingdom. The author narrates that: “During his reign, Kamehameha very wisely managed the internal affairs of the Kingdom in such a way as to minimize the danger of revolt (Kuykendall, 220).” The author continues to narrate that after the death of the Kamehameha, his elder was inducted into kingship. The author narrates the factions between the kingship and the chiefs led the kingdom to be weak. The author asserts that the reason and what contributed to the abolishment of Aikapu system cannot be traced. Kuykendall narrates “The train of circumstances leading t final act of abolition of Kapus and old religious system cannot easily be traced in detail (Kuykendall, 224).” Thus, the event the author is describing is the end of Kapus System in Hawaii.

  1. The Year that the event Occurred

Kameʻeleihiwa described that the event occurred in November 1819. The author narrates that: “Six months after the death of Kamehameha, in November of 1819… (Kameʻeleihiwa, 217)”

Kuykendall described that the event occurred in November 1819. The author narrates that: “After the induction of Liholiho into kingship, the next important episode in this year 1819 was the abolition of kapu system, which occurred in the early part of November (Kuykendall, 223”

  1. Key people involved

Key people involved in the “Liholiho and the overthrow of the ʻAikapu,” by Lilikalā Kameʻeleihiwa
List in order of appearance Factors that influenced these people
Ka’ahumanu She was a political rival of Liholiho and she did not eating restrictions in the Aikapu system.
Liholiho His inner thoughts remained unknown but he was pressured by Ka’ahemanu and her mother and other women close to him to abolish the system.
Kekuaokalani His decision was influenced by the need to remain religious to achieve political success.
Key people involved in the 1819” by Ralph Kuykendal
List in order of appearance Factors that influenced these people
Kamehameha He was great leader who wisely managed internal affairs of kindom to avoid revolt.
Liholiho Revolt and rivalry from chiefs influenced Liholiho decisions.
Captain Freycinet Intentions to keep kingdom under France rulers.
Kaahumanu She was influence by fact that she disregarded the kapus system
  1. Significance of the abolition of the Aikapu/Kapu system

According to Kameʻeleihiwa, the event signified the end of women discrimination. Due to the abolition of the Aikapu system women and men were able to eat together, thus; the event created cohesiveness in the Hawaiin society.

According to Kuykendall, the importance of the event was that it opened the door missionaries and the European countries. Also, the event signified the end of women discrimination.

  1. Author’s thoughts

I believe Kameʻeleihiwa believed the abolition of Aikapu system was a negative thing. The said that: “many less Hawaiian were fear and waiting for the catastrophe to strike (Kameʻeleihiwa, 219)”

I believe Kuykendall was positive about the abolition of the Kapu system. He said that there years that stand out due to events that happed at the period which contributed to national development (Kuykendall, 220).

  1. Timeline of the events

Timeline Events
May-1819 The death of Kamehameha.
May-1819 Induction of liholiho to kingship
November-1819 The end of Aikapu/kapu system




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