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Job Analysis for Accounts Assistant

Accountant Responsibilities:

  • Handling bank deposits
  • Bank statement reconciliations
  • Management of financial reports, budgets, and making forecasts
  • Analysing economic data for better decision-making
  • Going through daily accounting activities to ensure error-free compliance and regulations

Job Brief:

We are seeking an Accountant who can manage our company’s accounts, prepare financial statements and support the finance department in their operations.

Accounts Assistant duties include managing expense reimbursements, recording financial transactions in the company’s database, and reconciling all invoices. You must have a finance or accounting degree and relevant bookkeeping experience to attain this job.

Ultimately, your work will ensure that our Accounts department operates smoothly, transparently, and efficiently in its transactions.


  • Reconcile all invoices and identify any variations
  • Fashion and update all expense reports
  • Operate reimbursement forms
  • Create bank deposits
  • Update the company’s internal database with the latest financial transactions
  • Review spreadsheets to ensure accuracy
  • Maintain company’s financial records in physical and digital form
  • Issue invoices to the company’s customers as well as another concerned body
  • Participate in both internal and external audits


  • Previous work experience as a Bookkeeper or Accounts Assistant
  • Basic knowledge of accounts preparations
  • Know-how of financial regulations: IAS, IFRS, GAAP, etc.
  • Excellent mathematical skills and the potential to identify numerical mistakes
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel and the ability to create spreadsheets, using formulas
  • Practical experience in using accounting software
  • Team worker
  • Good time management skills
  • Potential to work on sensitive and confidential projects
  • BSc/Ba in Accounting, Finance, or any relevant field

How to Ensure Job Analysis Is Followed Effectively?

To ensure the job analysis is useful and flawless, we can start by having the right job title(Florentine, 2017). Next, the study must have an engaging overview of the job. We must make sure that we focus on the responsibilities and growth chances(“Job Analysis: Overview,” n.d.). Also, urgency should be created for the vacant position. The company culture should be stressed(Heathfield, n.d.).


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