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ITIL Certification Guide 2021

An executive narrated their idea for a product to the director- a lower-priced alternative to a quite expensive branded one that existed in the market. The board met to formulate a strategy. One other executive asked the question: what good was the strategy if it were stolen by a competitor? The answer was to sell the product at a much lower rate than it should be sold to generate profit. So, secrecy of the strategy was key to its success.

ITIL4 brings it all together

One of the directors read about Infrastructure as Code, and DevSecOps, from the ITIL4 HVIT certification publication. These notions sparked off an idea: what would it be like to start a human chain of ‘containers’ bearing only the required information from the strategy as per the role of that ‘container’. That chain would follow a security policy/permissions based information exchange. The information entrusted to each ‘container’ should remain encased there that is how the whole strategy would remain enclosed and secret enough for the company.

Other itil4 foundation certification guidance that helped the board were CDS, DPI, DITS, DSV, and Foundation. CDS- RPA was picked up and put to use for verifying spam traps and exchanging messages between the human ‘containers’. DPI- Governance, Risk, and Compliance were differentiated and clarified. DITS helped safeguard the strategy and vision at a higher level. DSV helped make portfolio changes easier and safer. The Foundation course introduced the board to product and service risks and also, information security.

What are these acronyms?

ITIL4 certifications are grouped in two ways. Each is an independent certification pathway. The first of the two is called Managing Professional, or MP. This is a group of 5 courses- ITIL4 Foundation, Create Deliver Support or CDS, Drive Stakeholder Value or DSV, High Velocity IT or HVIT, Direct Plan Improve or DPI. These courses each cost anything between $150 to $250. To do any of CDS, DSV, HVIT, DPI, you need to first get the Foundation certification.

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The second of the two certification pathways is called Strategic Leader, or SL. This consists of 3 courses- ITIL4 Foundation, which is a first step to doing these two courses: Direct Plan Improve or DPI, and Digital and IT Strategy or DITS. The DITS certification course is meant to be done after 3 years of managerial experience in IT. Like the rest of the courses, you would take a certification exam. Additionally, just for this one, you would also be doing a scenario based case study type assessment. Typical costs for the dits course run from $500 to $800.

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Blend of courses

It is possible to mix and match certifications from one pathway with certifications from the other. For example, when asked for an ITIL4 course recommendation, Mark Smalley (also popular as the IT Paradigmologist) of Smalley.IT said that his favourite combo was HVIT+DITS.

For more information about each of the six certifications, check out this blogpost titled ‘Best ITIL certifications of 2021’.

A bridge course?

The question that you must ask at this stage is do you have ITIL V3 exposure? If the answer is no, then you should start with ITIL4 Foundation. If your answer is yes, then check the number of credits you have. If they are 17 and more, then you should go in for the ITIL4 Managing Professional Transition certification training course. This is a bundle of the 5 ITIL4 MP pathway courses, and instead of 5 separate certification exams, you take only 1. This course comes at around $500.

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From 6 individual certification training courses and two training pathways, there is a lot to do with ITIL4!



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