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It has been claimed that organization need an IT strategy. Explain why?

An organization is a certain group of people who works to achieve goals, mission and vision. Information consists of data that can be in raw or refined form. Without information, we cannot make a stable decision. Technology is basically the tool that can be used to achieve the organization’s vision. Information and technology are always integrated as they provide a valuable set of components for an organization. No matter whether it’s a small or large organization, information technology systems are necessary for it. (MacKechnie, 2018).

Decision criteria for businesses:

Every problem needs an accurate solution. For problems, organizations do market research in many ways. It can be through surveys, focus group discussions, questionnaires or some quantitative approach. By this, we can come up with an accurate solution. Behind all approaches, we need information for the decision that must be in an efficient and effective way. Through information technology, decisions can be managed and take on time when required. (B., 2015).


Things can be better managed if they are properly planned. Senior managers conduct meetings with the organization’s employees to better achieve the organization’s objective. Through information technology, things can be properly planned and implemented when needed. Every organization has its own values and norms and need some different tools and technique to survive in the market. Through reliable information, we can plan things well either we outsource or do activities internally. (Linton, 2018)

Handling of daily or monthly transactions:

Transactions are basically oriented with a system which is known as a transaction processing system. The system is used to manage and monitor the daily transaction of an organization. Actually, the transaction processing system is an IT system that records and updates daily or monthly transactions in an effective and efficient way. Hence, the transaction processing system is mandatory for an organization to manage their records. (Ramey, 2014)


Things can be managed in a better way if employees and top management communicate with each other. Through communication, problems can be discussed, ideas can be generated, employees can be motivated, the boss system can be reduced, and the organization can achieve success in the market. Communication needs a system that must be integrated with all the departments in an organization. For example, there are four departments in an organization (IT, finance, marketing department and operations department). Each department has its own feature and functionality. At one time, manually, all the departments could not communicate with each other. Thus, it will waste the time of employees and the organization. Therefore, an information system is needed, which collapses the discussions among employees and top management. Hence, it will be safe time and cost and make an organization profitable. (Juneja, 2008)

Impact of information technology on organisational behavior:

Members of an organization are from different regions of the world and have their own values and beliefs. Thus, organisational behavior can influence by members of an organization. Since the organization also has personality, beliefs, values, norms and culture. Successful organizations’ employees have similar beliefs and values. It can only be done through the implementation of information technology. By sharing information regarding the organization, which includes culture, values and norms, the employees will become aware of it and work according to the organization’s taste. As a result, an organization can achieve its objective in a smart way. (Babak Sohrabi (University of Tehran, 2011).

Performance factor:

Information technology has a wide impact on organization performance. For instance, if all the departments are working correctly, synergy will be introduced. If each decision is conducted at the right time and place, performance can get better through it. Among all, if daily activities are managed through an efficient information technology system, an organization can achieve high performance and become market competitive in a very short period of time. Thus, the information technology system is centralized in all perspectives. High performance will create an organization with a strong brand name in the market. As a result, customer loyalty can increase through it. (DeloitteCRG, 2018)

Information technology can never be ignored in any way. if an organization faces difficult situations, the only reason behind it is the lack of information systems. All the activities in an organization are only centralized with information. Reliable and useful information leads an organization towards success. Hence, a proper information technology strategy must be introduced in an organization, whether they are small or large so that profit can be maximized.


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