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Education is highly important and in the current competitive world, the higher education plays a vital role. Due to the increase of the sophisticated careers in the practical world, the college education is the only source to able an individual to develop an expensive career. There are many different ways through which it can be proved that the collage is highly important and essential part of making a good and effective career in the labor community. Beyond high fees and stressful time, collage helps an individual to learn the better ways through which he could be able to improve his social and economic status. It is also observed that the people having the college degrees have a better lifestyle, more time for enjoyment and don’t have to struggle for money and issues of life. The main aim of the paper is to prove that collage is highly important.


The college graduate are completely different from other people. If they have achieved a degree with the proper skills and grooming, they are highly admired in the society. Successful individuals have very important and influential leadership, teamwork and technical skills which are highly appreciated in the business world. The current world don’t expect a collage graduate without such skills because they are the necessary grooming of an individual in the collage time.

One of the most influential way to describe that the collage is important is that the college graduates earn more than that of others. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the workers who have the college degree earns round about $500 per week in average than that of the workers who have only high school diploma (Yan, 5569-5576). This higher salary is a lifetime achievement and in every job the people with the college degree gets promotions earlier than that of the high school ones. It is rare that the worker who have a college degree could be unemployed. In addition to the potential of making money, the college degree graduates have a career stability and very less chances of being unemployed for a long period of time. Only 2.7% of the college graduates have faced the employment and the reasons are personal, rather than the competitive market demands. In comparison to the college graduates, 5.2% of the high school graduates have faced unemployment which is double to that of the number of individuals who faced unemployment.

“If you have four years to complete your college education, do it.”

— Bo Jackson

According to a survey, it was reported that most of the house owners are the college degree holders. Almost 75% of the people included in the survey who owned their homes were the college graduates. The people who attended the school owned only 11% while just 14% of the people are those who have attended collage for a period but didn’t completed their college degrees. The college degree have a number of benefits in which the most prominent is the stabilized accounts. The college graduates have maintained their bank accounts properly and don’t keep expensive credit at all. They believe in the investment. Most of the high school graduates don’t even have the bank accounts.

College education helps in improvement of the skills as well as able the individuals to broaden their experience in life. The people who have experience of the college education have a different way of observing the things and analyzing the situations. Career preparation is highly important in the current world. The need of spending time with the experts is known and this is only facilitated by the collages. The college professors have exposure to the tight and competitive outer market which results in their behavior to the students much informative and quite grooming. It is helpful for the students to get a picture of the future challenges and the best ways to overcome the basic issues. One of the main issue to discuss is that the high schools are unable to build that much analytical skills like reporting and professional writing.

Education is a requirement and the best place for the young adults is the collage where they would be able to achieve the best ways to understand and practice the life. Currently the world is getting an expensive place to live. Everything is getting expensive and unreachable. By having a college degree a person is able to achieve a good salary job which will lead to improve his finances. It would be highly helpful in maintaining the flows of life easily (Ocal, Turkan, and Linnea, 58-74). College degree is for lifetime. A person who have achieved a college degree would be able to use it for lifetime.

“The American Dream is one of success, home ownership, college education for one’s children, and have a secure job to provide these and other goals.”

— Leonard Boswell

The people like the famous singers, rappers, and business owners had a luck that they successfully developed their life, businesses and careers with the help of their natural skills. This case could not be implemented on the common public. The common man only one way to become a millionaire or to achieve a sustainable and reliable life. The first one is the college education and its proper implementation in the practical career. Collage education brings a boost in the lifestyle.

Since professional writing skills needs proper grooming which results in effective papers composition. It is only possible by understanding the problem explanation and solution presentation effective strategies which would be used during a composition of a paper. The high school teachers are unable to groom these skills because of the student’s inabilities to understand the complexity of paper composition. The college education helps in the achievement of all the possible skills which would be helpful in writing the academic paper writing. There are an outnumbered experts who have confirmed that the people who have achieved the college degree with proper grooming of the skills have built and secured successful careers within the next five years of graduation.

One of the most argued point in everyone’s mind is that if the assignment and quizzes system is helpful in the career development because it increases the stress levels and reduces the positivity among the students. The experts answered this argument very effectively and described its cause and effects (Becker, 346-354). It is observed that the students won’t be able to learn if the evaluation could not be performed. Initially exams were considered but now only quizzes and assignments are conducted which helps the teachers to evaluate the position of the individual that either he is serious in the studies and is able to clear out the term or not. Teachers also finds through assignments that upon which area, they have to focus. The writing skills are also improved which helps in making a successful career. There were almost 67% individuals who achieved the college degree, explained that they have succeeded in building the successful careers because of their good and appropriate academic writing skills and better performances in the projects.

The collage graduated individuals have an opportunity to be free of whatever to do with their life (Baker et al.). They have maintained financial status which helps them to try new things, enjoy their life and to practice thee hobbies which they love to practice. For example, if an individual have completed his graduation in the business, he won’t have enough to do after office and one job would be enough for him to regulate his financial status. So they would have enough time to spend with their family and friends.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Maturity is one of the most important thing which makes an individual’s life complete and well groomed. A young adult could not be considered as a mature according to his age but since he have spent a couple of years under the strict supervision of highly polished professors who teaches him the lessons of life (Agopsowicz). The people who are groomed under such practices have capabilities to analyses the situations and to defend themselves in the mistakes properly. They have a good tolerance practices which results in making proactive and productive decisions of the life. It is observed that most of the college graduates are married and are spending a complete life with their wife and children.


In a nutshell it can be concluded that the college education is highly important for an individual to practice a good and highly successful career. Most of the college graduates have secured a successful career in their first five years while the high school graduates had to struggle hard to achieve their goals. The students who are groomed under highly experienced professors are able to handle their life much more properly than comparatively the people who didn’t attended the collage at all. It would not be wrong to say that collage education helps in making the foundation of an individual’s career. In finalizing my argument, it is suggested that don’t consider the college degree just a piece of paper because it worth more and completely changes an individual’s life.

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