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Is Business Activity Good, Neutral Or Evil? Essay

Business activity can be defined as an economic activity in which goods and services are exchanged for money. Human beings engage in business activity to satisfy their wants and most commonly to make profits. The debate about whether business activity is good, neutral or evil is perplexing since some people think that businesses and the related business activities are evils. The negative perception that these people have towards business paints it in a bad light, and I would like to disagree with this view of business and argue that business activity is good to sustain many aspects of the human life.

People who tend to view business as an evil thing and not a good idea are perhaps influenced by many corporate scandals that have rocked the business world some which may include the Enron and Arthur Andersen saga (Chrisman, 2011). They view business as an activity marred by fraud and wrongdoing yet this is not a characteristic of all business activities. Business is an essential part of the modern world and it through a business that the numerous need of the mankind is satisfied. Think of the need for food, shelter, and education. It is through business activities such as the trade that money is generated to fund all these requirements (Chrisman, 2014).

The modern-day business activity is more service oriented than profit oriented. The contemporary world of business stresses the need of satisfying the customer through excellent service delivery. The many different business activities that are mushrooming are geared towards social; societal problems take for example corporate companies creating shared value and engaging in corporate responsibility by contributing back to the society through provision of clean water, scholarships to needy students and fighting global warming.

It is for the above reasons that I disagree with the view that business is evil and rather choose to agree that it is good. There is no position of neutrality in this debate. It is either the business is good or evil by impacting the society in some way perceived as good or evil.


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