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Introduction To The New York State Next Generation Early Learning Standards

The subject paper highlights the revised policy regarding Early Learning Standards, which provides a chance to incorporate mutual comprehension of the accomplishments of young kids. Throughout New York, a substantial committee of different community members, educators, policymakers, and researchers recommend the enhanced strategies that are imperative in the development of children with diverse identities and capabilities. The paper affirms that standards play a significant role in generating equal productivity among diverse people and are promising focused implementation of unique programs. For this purpose, the committee proposed a few underlying questions, which include:

  • What is the feasibility of developing standards for young kids?
  • Standards and adequate practices and expectations regarding development
  • Sustaining special needs of diverse learning
  • Supporting children unable to communicate in English.

Subsequent to understanding the implications of subject questions, the committee agrees that it is important to develop standards for learning instead of standardization of instructions. In order to set standards for youngsters, it is crucial to imply protecting measures that are developmentally appropriate expectations and practices. Such applications of measures may include:

  • Depiction of child development awareness and other age-based attributes
  • Comprehend the interconnected developmental areas where learning in a domain has the potential to impact the learning of others.
  • An analysis of cultural and societal factors in relation to their influence on a child’s demeanor and learning approaches.

According to the proposition of the paper, it is evident that Early Learning Standards portray collective conformity between educational mainstreams and partners of age-based adequate instructional objectives for young kids. Such parameters do not ascribe the limitation of children’s ability; however, the foundational probabilities refer to a span of a lifetime. Apparently, the standards assist the teachers and educators in organizing their teaching assignments and tasks and help them to move forward with a vision of self-sufficiency, which in turn allows children to exploit their instinctive potential through the learning process.


Introduction to the New York State Next Generation Early Learning Standards. (.2014).



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