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Interest Groups In Texas

An interest group is an organization whose members have a common cause in seeking to influence public policy in order to achieve their set goals. The members of the interest group do not aim for profit gain but rather are interested in influencing policy without seeking control in politics[1]. Examples include public interest groups, environmental interest groups, business groups’ professional associations, labour unions, employee associations and economic interest groups. These interests provide information to both the public and the government and enable the citizens to participate in politics, thus achieving a common goal.

The most powerful interest groups in Texas are mainly labour, professional and business associations. These include the Texas Association of Business, Medical Society, Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association and Texas Trial Lawyers Association [2]. These groups are, therefore, termed as well-heeled groups having more influence than the other interest groups. These groups thus have an array of tools and resources that enable them to seek government influence. They achieve the power to influence the legislation by directly influencing the government’s elected members, such as executives, members of the government bureaucracy, and even legislators. These groups also mobilize the public and organise public dialogues; thus, public opinion is ensured to be in favour of the interest groups[3].

The lobbyist serves as an important source of information to the interest group. They help to link Congress and the various interest groups and thus can organize various campaigns in favour of the groups. They also give political strategies to the members involved in politics. The lobbyists, however, influence policy formulation and implementation. They achieve these by getting in touch with legislators and executives and, therefore, holding meetings with them, ensuring success in agenda layout. This greatly affects the outcome of public policy.



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