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Intercultural Communication


Intercultural communication is communication between two or more culture. When the two persons from two different culture communicate each other that have different languages and cultural backgrounds. The interpersonal communication takes place when a person travels from one place to another place where the culture and language are different. Interpersonal communication plays a vital role in the grooming of the person and knows about the different culture.

When I come to this university before this, I got my education from my home city and where I cannot interact with other cultures. When I come to this university in I, face very difficulties that it is difficult for me to communicate with other those who have different language and different culture. When I interact with that person that has the different culture from my culture, and I never associate the person that having different culture it is unusually for me.

Before the interaction, there is many miss perception about the other culture from those that I cannot interact. But when I communicate with the person that has a different language and also have a different culture when I meet this, there is hugely miss perception that removes after when I interact the person that has a from a different culture. When I communicate with the person, before the interaction I have some misunderstanding, but after the interaction that can, bee remove it is excellent. Before the communication, you can not judge that what is right and what is wrong.

The intercultural communication plays a vital role in the grooming of my personality. Before it, I have only know about own culture, which I interact with from childhood to the younger age, but I interact with the other person the lifestyle of that person is different from my culture, and it is fascinating for me, and it also helps me to increase the canvas. My perception is a misperception.

This intercultural communication plays an important role to change my mindset and think positive and think good for the other cultures. This intercultural communication also gave me a chance to remove the miss perception, that has the people of other about my culture and the people of that culture. When I cannot interact with different culture, I only see the one side of the picture that are portrayed by the society for other cultures.

Intercultural communication plays an important role to remove miss perceptions about each other. There are very minute differences between different culture but due to communication gap or due to lack of interaction this minute differences or miss perception create many problems. Due to intercultural communication the cavus of my thinking broad and mostly positive about the other especially the person that has a different culture and different language. Now I think you have no right to decide any other without the interaction. Because in many cases I am wrong, what I believe that is not in another culture.

Without the interaction with the person, I think that this person is not a trusted man, and that feel negative about self but when I interact it is an excellent person and feeling negative about my self.

I suggested according to my experience intercultural communication is very good for the grooming of society, increase the knowledge and information, to enhance the canvas of thinking. I suggest that there is some proper framework through which the persons from different culture interact and remove miss perceptions that exist between the two or more cultures, it gives excellent results for the healthy society.


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