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Indians American Boarding Schools

It was a possible solution for the government to create solution for the so called Indians. Thousands and many Indians went to the boarding schools which are largely known as a time abuse as well as desecration of way of living and time. The state authority operates under a handful of off the reserved boarding schools, but the funds keep decreasing and many Indians Americans as well as pushing to keep the institutions open. The boarding schools were established in the year 1860 when the Bureau of the Indian issues on the Yakima Indian Reservation which is situated at Washington. The main goals of these reformers who established the Indian American boarding schools were focused on using the education as a tool of assimilating the Indian tribe in America and into the American culture and lifestyles. In this school the Indians would be taught the importance of owning properties, monogamous nuclear families as well as how to gain material wealth (Bear n p).

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Boarding schools were a better instrument which can easily absorb people as well as ideologies standing in their way as a manifestation of destiny. Schools would be quickly used as a way of assimilating the Indian youths and a whole generation as well. More so the reformers understood that the youth represent a larger society and by assimilating them it would be easier for them to assimilate the whole Indian community so easily. There are a number of things that were given priority in the boarding schools for instance reading, writing, speaking English, History as well as arts ere added so as to open up the possibilities and discovering the self-directing power of thought. Christianity will be a subject of religious teaching, more so the rules of a sovereign society and political structure gives the student training on citizenship and the main objective is to end all the remaining Indian ways of living in America (Bear n p).

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